Personal Finance Week in Review for October 28

by Sean Bryant on October 28, 2012

Well today is my wife’s official due date and as you can tell from no updates this week that she is still pregnant.  We are all fingers and toes crossed that it happens soon.

Last night we were out to dinner and we talking about how we both have the itch for a vacation.  We were just in Costa Rica in March, but I get this way every six months or so.  For those of you who know me well, know that one of our passions is traveling.  It’s the reason why we budget and living a frugal lifestyle.

In the five years that my wife and I have been married we have been lucky enough to visit 10 countries.  What we were talking about doing this time around is doing a two week vacation in South Korea and Thailand.  We would spend a week in each.  I have enough airline miles from my travel rewards credit card that we could fly for free.  My wife lived in Seoul when she was in third through fifth grade so she really wants to make a trip back.

How about we get on with some of my favorite personal finance articles this week.  If you would like to see yours on this list all you need to do is add me to your round-up.

What Products to Stockpile for Maternity Leave – Canadian Budget Binder

Moving From Employed to Self-Employed, What am I Forgetting? – Eyes on The Dollor

Saving up to Buy a Place in an Expensive City – Mo Money Mo Houses

Should We Really be Concerned About the Fiscal Cliff? – Frugal Rules

Advance Planning for Life After College – The Family Finances

How Do You Get Rich: Nickel and Diming Your Way to Real Wealth – Money Life and More

How to Successfully Negotiate Lower Prices in Any Situation – Money Crashers

Ways to Graduate College Debt Free – Modest Money

Ways to Save Money on College Textbooks – Work Save Live

5 Reasons Why Your Next Car Should be a Green Ethical Hybrid Car – This That and the MBA

8 Essential First Date Tips for Men – Fearless Men


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  • Kim

    Thanks for the mention! Will you travel with the new edition or do you have grandparents around? We try to take one trip a year without the kiddo, but it is usually a long weekend to somewhere within driving distance.

    • We are hoping to do it with her. Both of us started traveling with our parents when we were small so we want her to have the same opportunities.

  • Wow, anticipation ! Keep us in the loop. I’m well travelled myself and I miss it dearly. Ever since I moved to Canada well I stuffed the whole vacation thing down the toilet until I was finished school. Now that I’m done and the mortgage is paid we can start saving for some trips so I can bring Mrs.CBB to some awesome places that I always talk about. Cheers mate… Well wishes! Mr.CBB

  • John S @ Frugal Rules

    Thanks for the mention Sean. That sounds like an awesome trip. I have yet to make it outside Europe or the Caribbean, but do want to at some point in time. I remember my wife hitting 40 weeks. It’s an exciting time wondering if today is the day. Of course, we had to kick all of our kids out. 🙂

  • John

    Sean, appreciate the inclusion! Keep us posted on the baby. You must be psyched! I spent a year in S.Korea back in 2008 with the Army. I loved the Korean BBQ!

    • I love Korean BBQ. We had a really good place to go to when We lived in Chicago. Havn’t been to one since we moved to Denver.

  • Hope you have a good week dude… Fingers crossed that she pops soon 🙂

  • Thanks for the inclusion. Good luck getting that baby out, lol.

    • Thanks a lot. It’s starting to seem like she needs the luck. Baby must be pretty comfortable.

  • South Korea and Thailand would be so awesome! Very cool that you have enough miles saved up to be able to fly for free.

  • holly

    That trip sounds awesome! If you go, definitely post some specifics and pictures!!!

  • Tri Pham

    south korea and thailand, you can’t go wrong with that.
    congrat on the baby too.

  • Just found your site, excited to dive in! Congrats on the new baby!

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