How to Make Money as a Stay at Home Mom

by Sean Bryant on January 16, 2018

How to Make Money as a Stay at Home Mom

Just because you’re a stay-at-home mom or dad doesn’t mean you can’t make a little extra cash on the side. Surviving on only one income can be stressful, but there is a solution! You can still make your family a priority while taking on a side hustle. While a part-time job may not be practical, there are still lots of other options to choose from.

Here are a few ways for how to make money as a stay at home Mom or Dad. Each of these will provide the flexibility needed to still make your family your top priority.

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16 Budget Recipes You’ll Want To Try Tonight

by Sean Bryant on January 12, 2018

Budget Recipes

Almost every social gathering, whether it’s a small get together with friends or family, or a larger event, is centered around food. The good news is that there are a lot of great budget recipes that can feed a larger group without killing your grocery budget. Whether you’re hosting a four-course meal or bringing a dish to a potluck, this list of budget recipes will have you covered. Use pantry staples and seasonal produce to keep your wallet and your palate satisfied.

Brunch on a Budget

Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal

Not only does this recipe use cheap, easy-to-find grocery items, it’s super easy to make. Just mix everything together in a slow cooker, wait a few hours, and you’ll have a delicious, hearty dish. This recipe works both as a standalone meal or the perfect addition to a brunch gathering.

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What Does Retirement Mean to You?

by Scott Sery on January 10, 2018

What does retirement mean to you?

If you read personal finance blogs, you will notice that there are common themes that run among them. There are those that talk a lot about how to get out of debt. Then there are those who talk about earning more money on the side. Others will give tips on how to be financially successful. They all focus around different areas, but they are all working toward a common theme: a financially secure retirement. But what does that actually mean? The term retirement has vastly different meanings depending on the individual’s personality.

Relax, Don’t Work, Enjoy Your Golden Years

In the past it could easily be said that when a person retires, they are simply done working. They plan their whole life, and when they hit 60 or 65 years old they simply quit for good. But that is no longer the case. There are many different reasons a person would change up his or her retirement goals, some can be attributed to poor financial planning and some are due to the fact that we are living longer than ever. So there is less of a need to retire before age 70.

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5 Tips to Become Financially Successful in 2018

by Lucy Oake on January 9, 2018

Financially successful

The new year is the perfect time for a fresh start. No matter where you’re at financially, there’s always room for improvement! So along with your other resolutions, try incorporating a few of these strategies for a fatter wallet in 2018.

Stick to Saving

Most people aren’t natural savers, yet we all have things we want to save for. Whether your goal is to build your emergency fund, pay off your credit card, or gather up a down payment for a home, making saving a habit will help you reach that goal faster.

Choose a saving strategy that works for you, and stick to it. One easy step is to split your direct deposit paycheck between a checking account and a savings account. If you’re guilty of moving your savings to your checking more than once per month, you may benefit from opening a savings account at a separate bank.

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What is Cryptocurrency’s Ceiling?

by Sean Bryant on January 3, 2018


Cryptocurrencies reached new heights in 2017. The market was bullish as many cryptocurrency prices rose, catching up to the ever popular Bitcoin. Two of Bitcoins biggest rivals, Ethereum and Litecoin both recently soared, rising to record price ranges. In fact, both did so well that the most popular US cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase, had to temporarily suspend trading for about an hour on December 12. It’s unclear why both cryptocurrencies have been performing well these past few months, especially compared to the on-going strength of Bitcoin. One speculation is that Bitcoin has become too expensive for potential investors, who are now looking towards other cryptocurrencies.

With such excellent performances last year, it begs the question if cryptocurrencies have a ceiling. While they are currently within their highest price ranges, how far will they be able to still go? Before these questions can be answered, the price surges of these cryptocurrencies have to be explored first.

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18 Amazon Hacks You Need to Know Now

January 1, 2018
Amazon Hacks

Amazon is by far one of the most popular online retailers around. Everyone loves Amazon. Investors love them because they make money. Consumers love them because of their great deals. I love them because I can shop without leaving my house. Even though the prices on Amazon are usually lower than most other stores, there […]

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7 Ways to Automate Your Life and Save Money

December 30, 2017
Automate your life and finances

As much as I love the phrase “time is money,” there’s no substitute for the value of your time. That’s why I think everyone needs to make their life — and finances — as simple as possible. Luckily, in the day and age of technology, there are so many tasks we can automate. So free […]

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