Millennials and Saving

Millennials are an often misunderstood generation when it comes to finances and economic preferences. Some people think Millennials are poor savers who spend their money on frivolous consumer goods while indulging on craft beer and avocado toast.

At the same time, others believe that Millennials are digital entrepreneurs who are disrupting massive industries.

It’s clear that many people just don’t understand the financial habits of Millennials. Let’s get rid of any confusion once and for all with these five facts about Millennials and saving.

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CIT Savings Builder Review

A savings account is a necessary tool for achieving your financial goals. Getting into the habit of saving money early, even in small amounts, can be a powerful way to increase your wealth.

Having savings means that when an emergency strikes or a great opportunity comes your way, you’ll be able to get through it comfortably without maxing your credit cards or taking out a loan.

For something so important, you’ll want to shop around for the best savings account. Newsflash: not all savings accounts are created equal, so it’s crucial that you do your research.

Recently, I’ve started managing more of my finances through online tools, including online banking accounts. CIT Bank, which is an FDIC member, is a completely online bank that is redefining banking in the digital age.

What I’m excited to tell you about is one of their most recent innovations – the CIT Savings Builder account.

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Best Days to Get Free Stuff

by Sean Bryant on October 11, 2018

Who Doesn't Love to get Free Stuff

Who doesn’t love freebies? Companies know free stuff attracts customers.

With all of the crazy holidays we’ve invented (National Corn Dog Day, really?), you can pick just about any date of the year, and there will be something free you can snag.

While you can probably get something free every day, there are some days where DOZENS of companies will offer free deals.

If you know when these days are, you can secure a serious haul of free stuff.

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Frugal Living Tips Everyone Should Live By

by Lucy Oake on October 9, 2018

Frugal Living Tips

Achieving financial freedom requires more than just a steady paycheck. With the right tools and habits, you can achieve your financial goals even if you don’t have a six-figure salary.

Living a frugal lifestyle is one of the best ways you can build wealth. But living frugally doesn’t necessarily mean selling all your possessions and never having fun!

Here are my favorite frugal living tips that will help you build wealth without making you feel like you’re making a sacrifice.

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Signs You Are Living Above Your Means

by Sean Bryant on October 4, 2018

Living Above Your Means

Living the lifestyle of the rich and the famous might seem like a dream come true. Just because the lavish life seems great, does mean you should live that way if you are not able to do so financially.

Many individuals are living beyond their means, and do not even realize it. There are several signals that show you are living beyond your financial means. Do not fret though, there are also many ways you can get your finances back under control.

You’re paying way too much for your rent or mortgage

One of the first signs that you’re living beyond your means is that your rent or mortgage is over 30% of your monthly income. If you are spending over 30% on rent or mortgage it does not leave an appropriate amount of funds to cover other essentials, and you’re digging yourself in a hole! If you are renting a place which is above this threshold, you may want to look for a new place to rent once your lease is up!

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The Financial Crisis 10 Years Later

September 27, 2018
Financial Crisis

How are Your Finances Now? A decade has passed since we saw one of the biggest financial downturns in recent history. But it started long before that market collapse. Banks were handing out subprime housing loans to people who weren’t financially secure enough to have a loan of that magnitude. The result was a cascading […]

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How to Efficiently Save for Your New Car Purchase

September 25, 2018
Saving for a new car

Are you tired of driving your current set of wheels? If so, it may be time for a new car. But are you ready to drop a few thousand dollars on a down payment? Without it, you’re not going to get the car you want. But don’t worry. You can save for that vehicle, and […]

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