6 Top Money-Saving Driving Apps

by Sean Bryant on October 31, 2013

parkmeYou have the power of the smartphone in your hands, so why not put it to good use? 50 percent of Americans who own a smartphone do just that by downloading a variety of helpful and useful apps, according to statistics from Pew Internet. The latest apps let users get more things done during their busy schedules – some apps can even help you find the best deals on pre-owned vehicles from your local dealership.

The following apps are geared towards making your daily commute cheaper and easier to deal with. From helpful parking apps to apps that offer roadside assistance, you’ll benefit whether you’re on the daily commute or planning a long-distance trip.


Available for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry, GasBuddy is a commuter’s best friend. With this community-based app, you get a constantly-updated listing of gas stations and the latest prices, allowing you to find the cheapest gas in your area. According to GasBuddy.com, members can also report gas prices and qualify for regular gas card giveaways.


This community-based navigation app stands out from others by offering updated information from other users’ phones. It not only calculates their speed, but it also allows drivers to create and send their own localized traffic reports, alerting others to slow-downs, detours and other incidents that could put a crimp in a smooth and otherwise uneventful commute. Waze is available for both iPhone and Android phones.


Ever show up to a concert or had reservations to a great restaurant, but you couldn’t find any good parking nearby? The ParkMe app solves that problem by helping you find the closest and cheapest parking available before walking out the door. Available for iPhone and Android, ParkMe keeps tabs on rates, current parking capacity and much more.


If you’re ever in a city with outrageous parking fines, this iPhone app can save you a lot of money and frustration. Honk not only reminds you where you’ve parked with photos, GPS and handy hand-written notes, it also keeps track of how much time you have left on the meter and alerts you as time runs out. You can set time limits for as long as 24 hours, and according to its developer iStorm Apps, Honk supports Retina displays and even syncs with your iPad.

AAA Mobile

If you’re an AAA member, you can now benefit from having a large array of services at your fingertips. Available for iPhone and Android phones, AAA Mobile not only gives you the ability to directly call on AAA’s roadside service directly from the app, you can also find AAA-approved auto repair centers, book Diamond Rated hotels and locate member discounts at over 114,000 locations. AAA Mobile also includes TripTik’s interactive trip planning service.


Available for Windows Phone, iPhone and Android users, TripAdvisor is an excellent tool for planning any type of trip. You’ll also get access to a broad range of hotel and restaurant reviews along with information on discounts and other potential savings.

Do you use any driving apps that are a must have?

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Sean Bryant

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  • FI Pilgrim

    Downloading GasBuddy right now, thanks Sean!

  • CanadianBudgetBinder

    Hey Sean, I don’t think we have all of those apps here even though they seem mighty helpful. However, I can say that I’m an avid user of OntarioGasPrices.com which is affiliated with GasBuddy.

  • Love the app. It is crazy how gas prices can change in just a mile here in Denver.

  • Demaish @ Borrowed Cents

    I use gas buddy but the moment I discovered Waze, my life was changed. We usually take road trips sometimes and Waze has been very helpful when it comes to traffic and best of all speed traps. Waze community is very good at reporting cops.

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