5 DIY Projects You Didn’t Know You Can Do Yourself

July 24, 2017
pegboard storage

Summer is the best time of year to bring freshness, color and vibrancy into your home. After all, who doesn’t want their living space to reflect the irresistible warmth of this season? But if you’re planning a home makeover soon, don’t hire a contractor right away. You can tackle some of the upgrades on your […]

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Tips for a First-Time DIY Home Flipper

December 23, 2014
Tips for a first time DIY Home Flipper

  Real estate investing has always been a popular method for making your money work for you. Land development and holding, long-term investing, REIT’s and rental properties have attracted people far and wide as ways to invest money in order to create multiple streams of income that lead to wealth and liberty. But one of […]

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How to Repurpose Your Old Drapes

November 17, 2014
How to Repurpose Drapes

If you have little kids, you know that you can never have enough crafting materials on hand for fun and creative projects. And if you’re on a tight budget, you probably think twice before buying all the new, trendy crafting supplies. But timing could be on your side if it’s time to replace those old […]

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How to Make Homemade Dog Shampoo

January 15, 2014
Homemade Dog Shampoo

If you are anything like me then you would love to buy all organic products for your pet, but you just can’t seem to stomach the cost that most stores charge. At the end of the day, their health should trump our wallets, but that’s not how most of us operate. Instead of buying organic, […]

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11 Household Uses for Lemon Juice

May 31, 2013
Uses for Lemon Juice

Some might use them to kick up the flavors of there favorite dish. Others might like to add them as a garnish to their cocktail. But, were you aware that lemons have so many other uses? Some of them will even save you money. These alternative uses will help make your home smell and look […]

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Benefits of Growing A Vegetable Garden

April 29, 2013
vegetable garden

The first spring I lived in my house, I built a small 8 x 20 foot vegetable garden at the back of the lot.  I would have loved to make my garden a lot bigger, but the layout of the house and detached garage made it so I was unable to do so.  Every summer […]

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DIY Home Projects: Diagnose HVAC Problems

April 19, 2013

This is an article from contributing writer, Fred Fauth from One Project Closer. Check out some of his other contributions to One Smart Dollar, like the cost of international adoption and DIY Drywall Repair. A Homeowners Checklist for HVAC Problems Most heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) problems are beyond the capabilities of homeowners. Even with the right […]

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