ING Direct Offers Remote Deposits with Checkmate – Do You Have Any Good Bank Perks?

by Sean Bryant on May 1, 2012

Last week ING Direct announced that they would start offering a remote deposit app for customers with an iPhone or Android device.  This is great news for people like myself who just use an ING savings account but do not use an ING Direct checking account.

If I want a check to go into my savings account I can now simply take a picture of the check from my iPhone and it’s gets deposited into my account.  Before I would have to deposit the check into my checking account and once it cleared I could transfer the funds.  This will make banking a little less time consuming for myself and others.

A Few Details

  • There are no fees to make remote deposits
  • There is a limit of $3,000 per check
  • For any check deposited into an Electric Orange savings account or kids saving account the funds will be available in five business days
  • Checks that are deposited after 5pm on weekdays or after 2 pm on the weekends will be processed on the following business day
  • Once you have scanned your check and made the deposit you will need to wait for a confirmation from ING Direct before discarding the check
  • For any check under $500 that is deposited into a Electric Orange checking account, the first $200 will be available the following business day and the rest after two business days
  • For any check over $500 that is deposited into a Electric Orange checking account the first $200 will be available the next business day and the rest after five business days
  • There is a chance your check will be rejected if it is unreadable in any way.  This could be because it is to light or blurry or because the payee has terrible hand writing

I love that they are making this application free.  Last year Bank of America fees caused me to close my account. Does your bank have any bank perks such as remote deposits?  If so do they charge a bank fee to use them?

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Sean Bryant

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