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Save on Utilities – Upgrade Your Appliances

April 2, 2012

There are only so many things a person can actively do to save money on their utilities.  Turning off the lights when not in a room, turning the heat down a few degrees, taking shorter showers, and the like are all great things to do to save money.  In the end, however, if an appliance […]

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Save on Utilities – Upgrade Your Homes Insulation

March 28, 2012

One of the biggest ways to waste money is to run the furnace or air conditioner more than necessary.  Without proper insulation, all the heat or cool air generated goes right outside.  This just causes the appliance to work harder racking up a large utility bill for the homeowner.  With a little sweat, and some […]

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Save on Utilities – Using CFL’s

March 23, 2012

There are so many ways to reduce one’s energy usage it can often be baffling on where to start.  Upgrade the windows and doors?  Re-do insulation?  Have a high efficiency y furnace installed?  They are all great ideas, but there is one solution that is much simpler and much cheaper.  Replace light bulbs with CFL’s. […]

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