Do Credit Card Rewards Really Payoff?

by Sean Bryant on February 22, 2017

Credit card rewards

The allure of “free” money is hard to ignore, and the credit card industry has done a stellar job of enticing the masses with the potential to pocket extra cash. Nearly 70% of all Americans have at least one credit card in their wallet at any given time, and card issuers estimate 10 million new credit card members enter the market each year. The majority of credit cards currently available to and used by consumers have a rewards program that offers a bevy of perks. Cash back, discounts on travel purchases, and exclusive in-store and online deals rule the rewards world, as credit card companies have honed in on what card users want and expect from their cards.

But credit card rewards have a dangerous side of which card holders should be aware. Before rushing to pay with plastic to rack in rewards points, ask yourself these important questions.

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School Supplies

A new school year signifies a host of beginnings: friendships, classes, clothing, and school supplies, to name a few. There’s something refreshing about tackling a new school year with fresh gear, whether it’s a scientific calculator, a pack of your favorite markers, or a new coordinating set of folders and binders to organize paperwork.

But over the years, school supply lists set by faculty members and distributed to families has shifted from individual basics to asking for communal items like tissue, hand sanitizer, cleaning supplies, and more. New pieces of technology with heftier price tags may even be on the list. The Washington Post cites a study from Huntington Bank that found the average family expenditures for the 2015-2016 school year: $642 for elementary schoolers, $918 for middle schoolers, and $1,284 for high schoolers. College students often must calculate textbooks into their total, pushing their costs through the roof.

Knowing that costliness can become a barrier to education and a strain on families and students, how can teachers help cut down on school supply fees for students and for themselves? Keep reading to learn a few creative ways to optimize education without a corresponding boost in the price tag.

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What Affects Currency Rates?

by Sean Bryant on February 17, 2017

What Affects Currency Rates?

The value of a nation’s currency strongly influences the health of its economy, and changes in its price play a pivotal role in a country’s trade balance between imports and exports. A strong currency can negatively affect exports, making goods more expensive for foreign buyers. Conversely, a weak currency can help exports, which, in turn, supports the country’s economic growth.

If you wish to buy and sell popular currency pairs, such as EUR/USD, you can access the global foreign exchange market through trading brokers, including online platforms such as To take advantage of fluctuations in currency prices, you’ll need to utilize a range of trading tools and advanced charts. These can help you make informed decisions when participating in the world’s largest and most liquid investment market.

What should you monitor when trading in the FOREX market?

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4 Habits of Rock Star Real Estate Agents

by Sean Bryant on February 15, 2017

Rock star real estate agents

Being successful in any field takes a lot of hard work, patience and time to build a stable of good habits. You don’t achieve greatness overnight and you have to work at making the right habits a part of your every day life. If you don’t know where to start, you should follow the habits of those who are more successful than you (you don’t have to copy everything, but notice what works and what doesn’t).

You can’t simply go through the motions if you want to be at the top of your field, and in the hyper competitive world of real estate, if you aren’t making money, you’re losing money. Instead of following around the competition, we’ve put together a list of habits you should be implementing into your regimen every day.

Start Your Day with a Morning Ritual

It may seem kind of silly at first, however, Psychology Today recommends starting your day off with a morning ritual. Along with a cold glass of ice water, it’s a great way to wake up in the morning with natural energy. Get your blood pumping and mentally prepare yourself for the day.

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3 Ways Robo-advisors Reduce the Cost of Investing

by Amber Berry on February 3, 2017

Ways Robo-advisors Reduce the Cost of Investing

Ways Robo-advisors Reduce the Cost of Investing

The face of investing has undergone some changes in recent years and the most prominent being the development of the robo-advisors. What is a robo-advisor? Simply put, it’s an online version of a financial advisor to guide you in your wealth management. The investing game changed forever once the opportunity came to have people be able to invest and manage their portfolios via the internet. Because this method can be automated and does not require face time with an advisor, the costs significantly decreased. These lower costs and fees make it much more affordable for people to invest.

Traditionally, one had to connect with an individual at an investment firm to get advice on building a portfolio and managing their wealth. The most common way to pay for those services was on retainer. This means that the advisor would get a percentage of the all the assets managed every month. This typically cost around 1-1.5%. For this kind of business model to work, it makes the most sense for advisors to take on high net worth clientele. In addition to these management fees are the other costs of investing like per trade costs and transaction fees.  The problem with this model is that it makes wealth management services out of reach for low and middle-income individuals.

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Personal Capital Review: One Million Users and Counting

January 30, 2017
Personal Capital Review Net Worth Analyzer

While automation may be the future, we cannot discount the value that a human can add to a product. Perhaps blindly trusting computers is not your ideal scenario, especially when it comes to your investments. This is when a company like Personal Capital can be useful. They will help you both keep track and manage […]

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Barclaycard Ring MasterCard Review

January 27, 2017
Barclaycard Ring Mastercard Review

Barclaycard Ring Mastercard® Review The Barclaycard Ring card is a fairly unique credit card. It is a low fee card, that gives cardholders a platform where they can voice their thoughts and request new features they would like to see added to the card. This is something that you won’t find on any other card […]

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