How to Negotiate Your Bills and Get Rid of Debt

by Sean Bryant on April 23, 2015

How to Negotiate Your Bills

When you receive an overpriced bill, it usually ends up being a nightmare and you just keep thinking about how you are going to pay these bills, thinking about every opportunity and possible way to pay these hefty bills. Most people look for alternative ways that actually lead them to another dead end, making them more and more drowned in debt and financial troubles. What most people don’t realize is that most of these bills are quite negotiable. In this way, if not clearing off your bills, these negotiations will at least provide you relief with the payment terms and can help you manage your bills as per your feasibility. So before you finally give up on everything and resort to more troublesome options, negotiate your bills. Here’s how you can negotiate different types of bills which you are indebted with.

Pro tip: Everything is negotiable if you use the right strategy.

General Utility/tax bills

There’s good news for people who are crushed under hefty utility or tax bills, they are equally negotiable like others. If you have not paid your utility or tax bills and they are falling behind on a big amount then you can work out a negotiation plan. Draft out a plan and call the service providing company to explain your situation. The negotiations and tactics may vary based on the resource from where these bills come from. For e.g. A general utility bill can be negotiated to a lower price or the repayment time can be extended; based on your circumstances and your negotiating skills. One way to get an upper hand over your service provider is to have all the knowledge about their promotional offers. If you have opted for one of their promotional offers, chances are they might increase the charges after a limited time and may bill you as per those rates. The best way to go with such a situation is to call them and talk to them, if the service provider insists you to pay the same amount then you can threaten to cancel their services. This works as an armor.

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When we find a career that we love, it can be difficult finding that perfect balance between your home life and your work life. You want to keep on top of things with work, because your success brings you joy and makes you feel accomplished. But you also want to keep some sort of separation from work so that you can have healthy relationships with friends or family. The biggest problem comes from where, and how, you draw the line.

Leave Your Funk at the Door

A number of years ago I heard a motivational speaker on how to excel at your job. The vast majority of the dissertation wasn’t for me, but one part stuck out. He explained that if you bring your funk home, your family relationships are going to suffer. So after work you can think about everything that’s going on, and all the stressful stuff you have to do, but as soon as you get to the front door, drop it all off. Physically go through the motions if you need to and leave your funk at the door. Home life is for home activities; don’t even think about work until you leave the house the next day.

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It May Be a Hobby, But It Can Save You Money

by Sean Bryant on April 13, 2015


Hobbies may keep us sane during difficult times, but have you considered how yours could also save you money? Take a second look at your skills and interests and see how they can boost your funds.

Cooking From Scratch: A Healthy, Money-Saving Hobby

Do you enjoy weekend cooking? Try extending it to the week; you’ll be amazed at how much more money remains in your pocket when you drop the carryout habit. ABC News reported in 2014 that cooking at home twice a week would save one couple $2,227 over fast food in a year. Cooking, it turns out, takes just a few more minutes than the time it takes to pick up dinner, even from a fast-food restaurant. Once you get in the habit of cooking from scratch, consider making these low-cost and healthy alternatives to carryout:

  • Dried beans, which cost pennies a pound and can be used to make veggie burgers
  • Potatoes to cut up and bake in oven for fries
  • Bulk apples to make homemade applesauce
  • Dried whole herbs, which last longer than ground ones; grind as needed in a food processor or old coffee grinder

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