3 Ways to Make an Extra $1,000 Each Month

by Sean Bryant on May 26, 2017

Make an Extra $1,000

Overabundance, convenience, and non-stop entertainment have come to dominate our society especially within the past decade. Technology has enabled many projects that were not previously possible. With this change has come a shift of the producers and consumers of the world. These two groups of people, once clearly delineated, have since become hopelessly intertwined.

Two of the most well-known and disruptive companies to emerge and encourage this paradigm are Uber and Airbnb. Before their creation, the taxi and hotel industries moved along slowly, outdated, and untested. With the rise of these two, the people who were once paying for the service could now easily become providers by taking advantage of things they already owned.

In order to make money you must create something of value, or in other words, become a producer. Because the cost of equipment was prohibitively high and it was complicated to use, production used to be left to the professionals who did it for a living.

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Top Personal Finance Apps for Millennials

by Amber Berry on May 22, 2017

Personal Finance Apps for Millennials

Millennials are often stereotyped for our technological vices. However, there are many productive ways apps and technology can make things better. Specifically in the areas of financial literacy, money management, and shopping. Here are a few game-changing apps.

Financial Literacy

Finimize: This app brands itself as “making finance accessible for our generation,” and I most definitely agree. For those who are bored by lengthy and complicated financial news articles will enjoy Finimize. This app, or email subscription, can solve those problems. Not only is it free, but it is also efficient and reader friendly. The daily digests take just a few minutes read and are very helpful for putting financial information into context without all of the fancy jargon. Whether you want to learn about investing or global market trends, Finimize has you covered.

Sign Up For Finimize

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Americans consumed around 143 billion gallons of gas in 2016, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, adding to the constant emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. However, you don’t have to drive an electric or hybrid vehicle to save money on gas (although this may be a good option). Instead, help to increase your car’s miles per gallon with these five simple tips:

Drive Responsibly

Some of the easiest things you can do to increase your car’s MPG is to drive safely and smartly. Get your car up to speed slowly (instead of gunning it as soon as the traffic signal turns green) and stay at or under the speed limit for as long as possible. If you’re driving on the highway, use your cruise control and maintain a reasonable distance behind the car in front of you so you don’t have to brake and speed up as often.

Don’t give into road rage and impatience while you’re driving, either. According to MoneyTalkNews, Mythbusters tested to see if angry and stressed drivers burn more fuel — and the results came back positive. If you find yourself tailgating the car in front of you, zipping in and out of lanes, or taking off at green lights only to slam your brakes at the next red light, then take a deep breath and relax. If you want to save money — and avoid an accident — you need to be smart about your driving habits.

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Signs You Should Refinance Your Student Loans

by Sean Bryant on May 17, 2017

refinance student loans

Student loans are the result of an investment you make in yourself — education. So now that you’re well-educated, you might want to look at how your student loans are affecting your total financial picture. From choosing a job to budgeting to saving for your future, your student loans play a central role in all your major financial decisions. Even if you’re perfectly comfortable with your student loan payment, taking a look at refinancing your student loans may save you a lot of money in the long run.

When you refinance your student loans, you’re agreeing to have another lender buy your loans from your original lender. In return, your new lender usually offers you a lower interest rate. They get money from your interest, and you save money on a lower rate. It’s a win-win! Both private and federal loans are eligible for most refinancing options. These are the top signs that refinancing your student loans could save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

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How Credit Card Companies Make Money

by Scott Sery on May 15, 2017

How credit card companies make money

During the Great Recession, there was a big backlash against banks, lenders, and credit card companies.  The people felt they had been taken advantage of (there is some truth to that), and they wanted reform.  While it didn’t come as a sweeping reform that purged the industry of the crooked dealers, there was some good that came of it.  Such as the Credit CARD Act of 2009, an act that made fees and terms much simpler to read so the consumer knows what they are getting into.

But just because it’s easier, doesn’t mean it’s clear.  In fact, it’s still a little convoluted (to most people) exactly how a credit card makes money.  It’s not a business built around preying on unsuspecting consumers that get into debt, but a more complex structure.

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5 Ways to Save More Money

May 5, 2017
save more money

Sometimes it feels like saving any more money than you are doing currently is going to be impossible. Yet, you are probably not saving enough money every month in order to plan for a comfortable retirement. Let me share with you a couple of numbers first: The average saving rate in the US is around […]

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Essential Money Tips for New Grads

May 1, 2017
Money Tips

Figuring out how to pay for college was only the beginning. New grads entering their post-college life need to prepare for all kinds of new adventures. One of the best and most challenging adventures is learning how to manage money. Here are the best tips to help you tackle all those exciting financial milestones. Start […]

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