9 Tips for Buying a Home with a Partner

by Sean Bryant on October 6, 2015

Home ownership is one of the most rewarding things that a person can take on. It’s also one of the biggest responsibilities that you will have as an adult. Before you purchase a home with your partner sure you check out this infographic for a few tips.

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9 Tips for Buying a Home with a Partner

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Are Energy-Efficient Home Upgrades Affordable?

by Sean Bryant on October 2, 2015

Are Energy-Efficient Home Upgrades Affordable?

Green homes are not just a trend anymore – energy-efficient upgrades are a great way for current homeowners to invest in their properties and save on utility costs simultaneously. Although green living is responsible, it comes at a price. However, many of these costs can be subsidized through government programs and energy expenditure cuts.

Deciding whether or not it’s worth it to update your home with energy-efficient materials? Consider the following low-cost, high-savings upgrades.

Low-Flow Faucets

Low-flow fixtures are inexpensive and easy to install, making them the perfect place to start in your path to eco-conscious homeownership. In fact, these installments save as much as $145 per year according to Energy Star. A low-flow showerhead only costs about $20 at your local home improvement store, making the return on investment both quick and easy.

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Simplify the Car-Buying Process With These 4 Tips

by Sean Bryant on September 28, 2015

Simplify the car buying process

Everybody loves owning a new car, but nobody enjoys the process of buying one. Let’s face it — when it comes to places where you want to spend as little time as possible, a car dealership runs a close second to the dentist’s office. But it doesn’t have to be like that. With some preparation and a little bit of insider knowledge you can avoid many of the common pitfalls that slow down the the car-buying process and keep you from getting the best deal for your dollar. Here are four simple tips to get you out on the road (and out of the dealership) faster. Who knows? You might even enjoy yourself.

Know Your Exact Budget Going In

Well before you set foot on the lot, you need to know the absolute maximum that you are willing to spend, as well as a maximum monthly payment that you can afford. If you are selling or trading in an old car, then you also want to take its current value and subtract how much you still owe. That will give you a rough estimate of how much equity you have in the car. Don’t wait until you get to the dealership to let the salesman tell you how much you can afford or how much your old car is worth. He’s likely to overestimate the former and underestimate the latter.

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Understanding Your 401(k) Options

by Sean Bryant on September 22, 2015


Understanding Your 401k options understanding-your-401k

While your employer’s 401(k) plan is intended to help you establish and manage a retirement savings account that meets your current and future needs, understanding your 401(k) options isn’t always intuitive.

Here’s a look at some common features that 401(k) plans include, and how the terms, features and benefits associated with these accounts impact your money.

Direct contributions from your paycheck

If your employer offers a 401(k) plan, enrollment usually requires little more than filling out a short form, and stating how much of your paycheck you wish to contribute to the account each pay period.

Why should you contribute to your employer’s 401(k) plan directly from your paycheck, as opposed to placing the money in your own savings account, or taking the money in your paycheck and then diverting the money into an investment or retirement account you already own? In short: Tax deferred benefits.

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Is Life Insurance a Good Investment?

by Sean Bryant on September 9, 2015

Many people are under the mistaken impression that life insurance is too expensive. While some kinds of life insurance can be more expensive than others, there are many different kinds of policies out there such that you can find one to meet your needs. One of the most popular kinds of life insurance is known as term life.

Basics of Term Life

Term life insurance can often be converted to a more permanent product down the road if you need it. This gives you the chance to align your insurance policies with your needs at the time, so that if you determine you need more permanent protection, you can roll it into a permanent product later. You can choose a term coverage period typically between ten and thirty years, so that you can determine what is most appropriate for your individual needs.

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Go Portable to Save on These Big-Ticket Household Items

September 3, 2015
Go Portable to Save Money & Hassle on These Big-Ticket Household Items

Are you debating whether to go portable or permanent on your next big household purchase? If you hate the hassle of a complicated setup and hiring additional help and are looking for a bargain without compromising quality, the choice is clear: Buy the portable version. Check out these portable luxury goods that not only meet […]

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The Ultimate Retirement Plan Guide Every Small Business Owner Needs

September 2, 2015

In terms of retirement plans, most large organizations choose the 401 (k) since it suits their needs perfectly. But in the case of small business owners, this might be different since they have a broader range of options to choose from. Any self-directed plan including IRAs and SEPs will be sufficient for their use. But, […]

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