8 Ways to Save Money When Moving Abroad

by Luke Orlando on August 16, 2017

Save Money Moving Abroad

International relocation is expensive. However, there are ways to mitigate your costs by making calculated decisions about how to transfer assets from one country to another with the lowest fees, commissions and inconvenience. Traditionally, banks were the preferred option for transferring money from one country to another. Unfortunately, banks are associated with high fees, commissions, hidden charges, and unfavorable exchange rates. The monopoly that banks had on the international money transfer industry is over. The emergence of low-cost, non-bank money transfer companies has thrown a proverbial cat among the pigeons. Now, banks are having to play catch-up with other licensed and regulated international money transfer companies. Here are 8 ways to save money when moving abroad:

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Progressive HomeQuote Explorer Review

Progressive HomeQuote Explorer Review

This is a sponsored post written on behalf of HomeQuote Explorer.

As you look for ways to slash your expenses, insurance may not always come to mind.  Some insurance companies are counting on you to buy your insurance and then forget all about it.  Rates creep up, and without you knowing it, you’re paying much more than you need to. Protecting your assets doesn’t have to be expensive

Many financial experts recommend shopping around for your home and auto insurance every two or three years.  This gives you enough history with one company that you won’t be “dinged” when you move to the next, while allowing you to determine if there is a better rate and coverage option for you. But shopping around for that insurance can be a pain—especially when you have to call multiple companies to get quotes.

Progressive Insurance has made it easier than ever to compare rates with their new HomeQuote Explorer. This innovative new experience allows you to plug in your information in one place, and receive quotes for rates and coverages from multiple insurance companies.  From there, you can choose which fits your budget the best.

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Saving Money Over Your Car’s Lifetime

by Sean Bryant on August 7, 2017

New Car

Owning a car is expensive, but necessary for most of us. Many people who buy cars look for something dependable, but it is important not to simply let the future reliability of your car hang on that single decision. People who buy a nice car, never think about it again, and simply hope for the best, will often find themselves in a sticky situation down the road. With good planning and regular attention, you should be able to save money on your car at every stage in its life.

When You Buy

The first opportunity to save money on your car is right when you buy it. Buy a car that is a great deal, whether it comes from a dealership, a private seller, or some other source. This is true for cars both new and used. If you can save thousands right out of the gate, you have already cut down dramatically the lifetime cost of your vehicle, and you haven’t even driven it yet!

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Supercharge Your Android Phone: A Guide for Students

by Sean Bryant on August 4, 2017


Your phone is the most important gadget you own today. You probably spend almost the entire day every day interacting with your phone, whether it is for talking to friends through messaging apps, connecting with peers via social media, or even playing MMO games against players from all around the world. Your Android phone is also your best companion when dealing with school assignments and everyday tasks.

While we now have some very capable smartphones to choose from, no single phone is perfect. Fortunately, there are accessories you can add to supercharge your phone. In this article, we are going to focus on how you can supercharge your phone for dealing with school tasks.

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4 Benefits Of Invoice Factoring

by Sean Bryant on August 2, 2017

Invoice Factoring

Invoice factoring has gained significant popularity as a means of financing a growing transportation carrier or freight company. Many of these companies’ customers pay their freight bills slowly, sometimes taking up to three months to pay an outstanding invoice. Most small owner-operators are not financially prepared to manage this payment period, and it can prove problematic for even the largest freight enterprise. Below, we’ll describe invoice factoring — or freight bill factoring — and the 4 major benefits it brings to companies of any size.

Benefit #1: Improve Your Cash Flow

The major benefit of factoring freight bills and the primary reason why companies use it is that it improves your cash flow. Instead of waiting 30, 60 or even 90 days for customers to pay an outstanding invoice, you receive an immediate payment from the factoring company. The factor will then focus on collecting the payment from your customer —so you don’t have to. This accelerated payment system has a dramatic effect on your cash flow. It enables you to manage short-term expenses and provides you access to the working capital needed to take on growth opportunities and make long-term investments for your business.

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Easy Ways to Save Money On Your Next Vacation

July 31, 2017

A vacation doesn’t have to cost a ton of money. Even though there are certain costs that are unavoidable – transportation, food, and accommodations to name a few – even these can often be purchased for less than you might think. And if you’re able to save on expenses here and there, you might just […]

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Why Forex Market Trading is a 24-hour Job

July 26, 2017

The global financial market is a huge entity, and one that is home to an ever-expanding range of niches, derivatives and asset classes. In the forex market alone, a total of $5.1 trillion is traded each day, creating a vast and liquid entity that is highly volatile. The forex market is also unique in that […]

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