What Credit Score Is Needed to Buy a House?

by Sean Bryant on October 16, 2017

Buying a new house is a big step. It means a new chapter in your life. You put in a lot of work to make sure you find the perfect home and that you have a big enough down payment. One of the most critical pieces of the home buying process is your credit score. If your credit score isn’t high enough, it can throw off all the plans for your dream home.

So what credit score is needed to buy a house? The answer isn’t as straightforward as some might think. Different mortgage products will require different credit scores. Let’s walk through some of the basics so you can understand what credit score you might need.

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Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday: Which is Best For You?

by Sean Bryant on October 10, 2017

The shopping frenzy behind Black Friday started back in the 1950s when Philadelphia police officers used the term to describe the chaos at malls and ships the day after Thanksgiving, according to History.com. The day proved to be a big headache for city officers who couldn’t take the day off. Instead, they were tasked with extra shifts to deal with the crowds and swelling traffic, as well as a spike in shoplifters taking advantage of a police force stretched thin. By the 1980s, retailers were using the term to promote their big holiday sales to turn a profit.

Black Friday has evolved and spawned a competitor in Cyber Monday. Now the Monday after Thanksgiving sparks online shoppers to hunt down the best deals and pounce on flash sales. But which day really has the better deals and on which items? Here’s a look at which is the best shopping day to get the most bang for your buck.

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Automated Investing With The Best Robo-Advisors

by Scott Sery on October 10, 2017

Best Robo-Advisors

Finding the Best Robo-Advisors For Your Money

Recent predictions say that Social Security will run out of money around the year 2034.  You can argue about the actual date all you want. However, it does confirm one thing: we all need to be investing and saving for retirement. If or when the program doesn’t have anything left in it, we will still be financial fit.  The problem many people run into is the large fees and commissions that go along with investing money.  It’s hard to save when a big chunk is taken off the top.

As technology improves, and as online access has permeated most countries around the world, investing has become easier.  But those fees largely remain.  Fortunately the last few years have ushered in a new method of investing.  A method where you aren’t spending your time trying to calculate expense ratios, alpha returns, and trying to understand benchmarks.  Instead, you let the robots do all the work for you.

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Home-Making Tips for Couples

by Sean Bryant on October 9, 2017

When my hunny and I began to set up our new home, I quickly discovered the process isn’t just about finding the perfect statement curtains or deciding which kitchen gadgets are imperative to our lifestyle. There are many budget-based logistics that come along with home-making. We had to take into consideration how we wanted to establish a budget for rent and household necessities, paying for utilities and what to invest in now to save money later. We also realized that we needed to set aside time to stop and listen to one another’s point of view and ideas, rather than bicker our way through decision making. Here’s a guide to make the home-making process less stressful with your partner.


It’s expensive to move. Period. Whether it’s first and last month’s rent or a down payment, you’re bound to spend a considerable amount on a new place. You’ll also be purchasing new household tools, home amenities and finding furniture to fit your space when you transition into your new home. It’s important to utilize finance management tools, such as Mint, to track your spending. The Mint app will help you set up budgets that set you up for long-term success, taking into account your current spending trends and how you can change them. This is especially helpful if you will be setting up your home over the course of a few months, making gradual purchases and additions. The app can track multiple credit cards and bank accounts, which helps you in assessing where you and your partner can make spending cuts to save some cash. Even after you’ve utilized the app to manage the initial moving costs, it can be used for continual tracking of your finances.

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You may have often wondered how confusing the insurance policies are. Does your policy cover any instance of theft and your possessions alongside your car? Every driver’s policy can vary when it comes to theft, but there are a few factors that are applicable to all policyholder.

Consider the following aspects of auto insurance when it comes to instances of theft:

Theft of Car

Your car theft insurance will cover the instance of theft when you’re not able to locate it. It really holds good when you have full coverage involving comprehensive coverage. Alternatively, you may choose to contact the local law enforcement for seeking their assistance in tracing your vehicle.

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Chase Slate Review – Free Balance Transfers

October 8, 2017
Chase Slate Review

Chase Slate Review Do you find yourself always carrying a balance on a high interest rate credit card? If so, you might be interested in the Chase Slate credit card. This is one of the best 0% balance transfer credit cards right now because they offer a full 15 months no interest on transfers. Below […]

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5 Ways Technology Can Reform Your Family Finances

October 6, 2017
Reform your finances

In the era of hyper-connectivity, in order to facilitate our everyday obligations and keep track with them, we have automated almost every segment of our lives. We shop on e-commerce platforms, look for jobs online, move our valuable data to cloud, as well as communicate in real time via numerous messaging apps and social networks. […]

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