Best Gadgets, Apps & Services to Save Money

by Sean Bryant on September 2, 2014

LG G-Flex

It’s no secret that one of the best ways to increase your buying power – and to make your dollar go further – is to stick to a saving regimen. Whether this involves putting aside a fixed portion of your paycheck every month or pocketing your change and keeping it for a rainy day (image how quickly your money jar would accrue money if you put away all of the $5 bills that you received in change), every little bit helps.

Of course, what many people often don’t take into consideration is that cutting expenses also counts as savings. If you can reduce your monthly expenses by $500 (this may sound impossible, but it is doable – think about how much you spend on cable television; this alone will get you a fifth of the way there or more), it gives you the same spending power as if you were to receive a $6,000 per year raise (and honestly, how likely is that to happen anytime soon?).

The following gadgets, apps and services can all help you cut your expenses and save money – so that you can spend it on the things that matter!

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Workplace Injury

Returning to work after a serious injury can be a difficult time for a worker, especially one who might still be affected by the physical and mental scars from the accident. Often a workplace accident has a long-term impact on an employee – more than just physical injuries such as broken bones and open wounds. Many returning workers can suffer anxiety that the accident might recur, loss of self-esteem and loss of income.

Upon returning to work, you need to be aware of both your rights and the obligations of your employer. This will ensure you are protected from further injury and are reintroduced into the workplace in an appropriate and safe manner. You should also be up to speed on the often complicated processes involved in making a personal injury claim to cover any long-term financial difficulties arising from the accident. If you’re unsure of your rights and your employer’s responsibilities, seek legal advice from a firm like Sinnamon Lawyers, who have extensive experience in workplace accidents and personal injury claims.

Meanwhile, here are a few things to keep in mind before you walk back through the office door after your workplace injury.

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Receiving Benefits for Innocent Spouse Relief

by Sean Bryant on August 31, 2014

Innocent Spouse Relief

Filing for joint taxes with your spouse is a somewhat murky area in terms of determining who is liable for each particular obligation. Because you often share a mixture of common assets as well as personal assets, your taxes might be different from those of your spouse. In the event of a divorce, those obligations can become even more complicated.

According to Investopedia, innocent spouse relief is “a measure of relief built into the tax code that allows a person, if eligible, to avoid paying his or her spouse’s tax if it was reported incorrectly. The innocent-spouse rule applies to a spouse that can prove that he or she did not incur the tax bill and did not somehow benefit from the failure to pay.”

What Are the Qualifications for Innocent Spouse Relief?

In order to qualify for spousal tax relief, the non-delinquent spouse must be able to prove to the IRS that he or she was not the person that signed off on evasive tax maneuvers or was not the one to fail to comply with his or her tax obligations. In addition to providing the appropriate documentation to evidence their innocence, innocent spouses must be able to establish with reasonable certainty that they neither benefitted from the failure to pay taxes nor were they aware that such actions were taking place at the time.

The IRS list three different types of spousal tax relief from jointly filed returns. These are innocent spouse relief, separation of liability relief, and equitable relief.

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Labor Day Magazine Sale – Save up to 90%

by Sean Bryant on August 30, 2014


This weekend is running a pick your savings sale where you can save up to 90% off the cover price on select magazine titles.  This is good for new or renewal subscriptions and you can also give these as gifts.

Expires on September 1, 2014 at 11:59 pm EST

85%-90% Off Category

80%-85% Off Category

75%-80% Off Category

70%-75% Off Category

65%-70% Off Category

60%-65% Off Category


Get It Covered: Small Business Edition 

by Sean Bryant on August 28, 2014

Small Business Edition

Small businesses today face a range of ongoing challenges that can be daunting to even the most seasoned business person. From ethical issues to financial and resource management to increased competition due to technology, business owners are constantly weighing options and making decisions.

Some of the most common areas businesses must manage well include legal, insurance and every day services like phone and Internet. Fortunately, there are affordable and cost-effective options to help business owners get the protections they need to cover their growing enterprises.


Small businesses encounter many legal issues from incorporation to employment law compliance to contracts. They may not always have resources to retain a business lawyer, so The U.S. Small Business Administration provides information about legal resources for small businesses such as finding and hiring a lawyer, legal help on the Internet and a guide to contracts. They also have resources to help understand legal fees and expenses, how to negotiate legal fees and how to get a fee agreement in writing.

Small business owners can get economical legal information and assistance with services like Rocket Lawyer on Call, a subscription legal plan service. Services like this provide ongoing legal help with issues like incorporation, business organization, patents, copyright, contracts and intellectual property at affordable prices so small businesses get the legal advice and protections they need with more predictable expenses.

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Book Review: Outsmarting the System

August 27, 2014
Outsmarting the System

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Surviving Your First Year of College

College can be daunting. Not only is it a whole new world (often the first time out from under your parents’ roof), but there is a whole new set of responsibilities. While it may be tempting to slack off for your first year, and then try to buckle down later, these first two years are […]

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