What To Do When You’re Injured at Work

by Guest on April 4, 2013

Workplace InjuryThere is always a chance that you will suffer an accident at work.  Even when all employees are careful there is always a chance a loose wire or half open draw could lead to an injury.  It’s essential to know what steps to take if it happens.  If you are unfortunate to suffer an accident in the work place and find an uncooperative employer then a dispute resolution solicitor’s practice will be worth contacting.  You need not feel you are causing trouble in doing so as it is your right under our employment laws.  If you have suffered an accident and are unsure of what steps to take then the following advice may help:

A Doctor Visit

Ensure you get medical attention as soon as possible if you’ve suffered an accident so the seriousness of the accident can be assessed.  The affects from what you may think is a minor accident can rear itself a few months down the line.  The doctor’s visit will also result in the injury being recorded professionally and the record of the incident will come in useful if your employer continues to contest your claim.  Visiting the doctor, no matter what your initial thoughts of the injury will not do you any harm and can be of enormous benefit in any injury claims case.


All evidence collected at the scene of the accident should be passed on to your solicitor who is handling the case.  It’s essential you gather as much evidence as possible.  Did anybody witness the accident?  Get in contact with them so you have the support of these individuals.  Ensure you get visual proof of the accident.  Take a photograph of what caused the accident to occur.  It’s this kind of evidence that can be extremely helpful in winning a dispute.

Making the Claim

Most employers should have the correct insurance to cover the claim that you are making so you shouldn’t need to worry.  You are also doing a favor to your colleagues as it should ensure the accident never happens again.  Even with an unhelpful employer you can still process without any fear.  An online form is all you need to initially complete – such a simple process and you’ll be provided with all the assistance you need.  So, if you have been injured in work and the fault was not yours, then make that claim and ensure the safety of you and others moving forward.

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  • Most people opt to say nothing if they are in pain or injured at work if they think they can hide it for fear of reprise. It’s a big subject but people need to remember that their health is number one. No one will look after you but you.

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