Warm Winter is Affecting Retailers

by Emily on January 12, 2012

This winter season, the temperatures have been unseasonably warm. This has affected retailers and businesses alike. While some business such as snow removal services are suffering, others such as driving ranges and golf courses are still open late in the season and making money. This year, many outdoor activities have continued beyond their normal season and these businesses are enjoying the weather. The warm weather has also affected retailers in the sale of items such as shovels, deicing agents, snow blowers and the like. Numerous cities are even saving money due to lower costs of snow removal. With some businesses booming and others suffering due to the warmer temperatures, what does this mean for you as a consumer? The answer is savings.

The most obvious savings for you will come in the form of your heating bill. With the temperatures higher than on average you can save money on gas and oil. The savings you are seeing in comparing this years heat bill to last years can help you with your personal finance goals. Saving on your utilities this winter may seem like a small amount of money, but will overall reduce your spending each month.

During Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas week many retailers saw a boost in retail sales.  Despite this, the warm weather has severely affected the sales of apparel retailer’s cold weather gear. Retailers have been reporting that the weather is having an impact on fashion sales.  Winter hats, jackets, gloves, sweaters, boots and the like have not been selling at the same rates this year as they have in the past. For many states last year was a very cold winter, so retailers preordered stock this year expecting a similar demand and similar weather patterns. Since the weather has continued from the fall in an unexpected warmer trend, retailers are slashing prices on cold weather gear.

Some apparel retailers, particularly chain retailers began heavily discounting winter gear items as early as mid December. These stores looked to boost sales for the fourth quarter. Now, other smaller apparel retailers are looking to decrease prices in order to sell their stock of winter inventory including clothing and accessories, despite the warm weather. While shopping, you may notice that the winter items are being heavily discounted and pushed out the store. Look to save on winter items this year and save that new coat, gloves or boots for when the weather is finally cold or next season. You may also notice that some stores are displaying their spring line early because of the warm weather. Try to hold off on the spring purchases or a few months, since by the time spring actually does roll around, the summer apparel will be out in the stores and the spring clothing will be discounted.

Look now for those great deals on winter apparel, because before you know it they will be gone. Apparel retailers are looking to be rid of their winter inventory and have consumers who are enjoying the warm weather focus on and purchase spring fashions. Wait on purchasing those spring fashions until they too go on sale. Hopefully this warmer winter season, leads to you saving money and finding great deals.

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