Tips For Finding and Using Online Coupons

by Sean Bryant on May 28, 2013

online shoppingOnline shopping is quick, convenient, easy, and sometimes more expensive than it needs to be. Between additional shipping fees, possible restocking fees, and mark-ups on products you can end up spending more than you intended to or had to if you’d just shopped at a store. The issue with shopping at a store is that you may not always find what you need. With online shopping you have a world of possibilities at your fingertips. There are promo codes and coupons to help you make your purchases cheaper, but you have to know how to properly use them.

Know Your Code

To use the promo code, you have to understand the code. To understand it, you need to read through it carefully. Know what the details entail. Know how to use the code. Know if it will be for shipping, a percentage off, or if you can use it on sales. The offers can range from 10 percent off to free shipping with purchases of $50 or more. Know what you’re getting into before trying to use the coupon so you know if you can afford to use it and if it’s a good deal to you.

Find the Coupon

To find a coupon, search for what you want. For example, if you want a coupon to retailer Kohls, you can look for a Kohls promo code for discount on orders of $100 or more. This should bring up lots of different options. You can also search for other stores, look for general coupons if you aren’t sure where you’d like to shop, and even download applications that will send alerts to you when promos are being offered. To use these, save the coupons or codes to your phone, computer, or even write them down to use at checkout.

Know the Return Policy

Some online retailers will not accept items back that have been bought with an online promotion. Know if the company you’re buying from will allow you to return items you bought with a coupon. Also, some retailers will charge you the difference of the promotion if you return an item. For instance, if you have a coupon for 10 percent off of $100, you will save $10. If you return the item you bought for $90, the retailer may take the other $10 back and only give you $80 for your return.

Know How To Use The Coupon

When you go to check out, look for the box that asks if you have any promos or codes. This is where you enter the code before hitting the purchase button. Similarly, when buying in a store and using an online promo code, tell the store clerk before you check out so they can apply the code to your purchase.

Online shopping can be expensive, but you can make it less expensive with promo codes. While some of these won’t save you tons of money they will save you enough so that you don’t spend more than you would in a store for items you need or want. If you know how to find the code and properly use it you can save money with online shopping.

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  • After every order I made online, I try to find a coupon code that I can use for the order. Many times I can save $5-10 or more just by doing a simple search during the closing stages of the order.

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