Tidy Up Your Home and Save Money With These Tips

by Sean Bryant on April 5, 2017

Do you feel disorganized? You’re not alone. According to a study conducted by Swedish furniture maker and retailer, Ikea, 43 percent of the American population admits to being disorganized. Whether it is your kitchen or your closet, there’s likely a place in your home that could use some organizing. Get started with these savvy — and frugal — home organization tips.

Declutter the Closet

If it is unbearable to look at your closet space, you are likely losing money. Disorganization in your closet can include hidden items or missing clothes, which commonly results in spending money to replace or duplicate what is hidden or missing.

If your closet could use some organizing, pair it down first. Start by taking everything out and eliminating items you have multiples of. Then assess your shoe and accessory collection; chances are you could go without a few pairs of unworn shoes and earring sets. After you’ve downsized, move it all back in and use a budget-friendly closet organization system that is suited to your apartment or home.

Clean Up the Kitchen

Each year, America’s food waste totals in $165 billion, according to a study released by the Natural Resources Defense Council. That $165 billion equals up to 35 million tons of food waste each year, and costs individuals $2,200 annually. Can you afford to throw away over $2,00 each year? No, right? But, you’re likely doing it now. There’s a solution.

Work to eliminate food waste and clean up your kitchen, especially your refrigerator, to save money. Designate one shelf for prepared foods; group your dairy items together; and assign fruits, cold cuts and vegetables their own drawer. Additionally, you may want to take stock or clean out your refrigerator on a weekly basis. And remember, not all items need to be refrigerated. Apples, onions and tomatoes can all be stored on your kitchen counters or in hanging baskets in your kitchen. Now that your refrigerator is organized, you can move on to organizing that junk drawer.

Unblock and Assess the Ventilation Systems

Do you have a suspiciously expensive utility bill? It may be time to assess your home. Check your ventilation systems and make sure that they are not blocked by any furniture or clutter. Anything that blocks the air vents around your home that supply heat or air conditioning can run up your utility bill.

Cleaning up the clutter around your home and unblocking your home’s vents is a quick and simple solution. However, if the problem persists, you may need to replace your home’s filters. Air filters help your heating and cooling system operate efficiently, and they also keep the air quality in the home safe and enjoyable. Some homes have washable filters, which are eco- and budget-friendly. These types of filters should be routinely cleaned once every month. If you can see the filters look dirty, that’s your signal to clean or replace them. Like unblocking your ventilation systems, replacing or cleaning your filters can save you otherwise wasted money.

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