The New Apple iPhone 4S – Will You Buy It?

by Emily on October 11, 2011

The new iPhone 4S has generated a lot of buzz. This item is available for AT&T, Verizon and Sprint customers starting on October 14. Pre ordering for the item has already begun. Apple claims that this is the most amazing iPhone yet.

The most prominent new feature of the phone is Siri. This is an assistant that helps users navigate all the features on the phone. You use your voice to activate the feature and you speak to it as you would speak to a human. Ask Siri where is the nearest mall? Where is the nearest gas station. Siri will understand what you say and what you mean. Apple likens this device to a personal assistant, as the device will answer you. The device will talk back to you and make a phone call, send a text or picture message, send an email,  schedule a meeting, set reminders, ask for directions, set an alarm, ask for a contacts phone number, ask about a stock and even ask the Siri about how to use the Siri and much more.

The iPhone 4S has a dual- core A-5 chip which delivers data up to 2 times more power, with up to 7 times faster graphic. Apple says the iPhone 4S is quick and responsive and will make browsing, using application and playing games much faster. The A5 chip is more efficient than the chip in the iPhone 4, and has a longer battery life. Longer battery life is always good with smart phones, since users tend to use their phone for pretty much everything.

The iPhone 4S has a 8 megapixel camera, which is 60% more than is currently on the iPhone 4. With more megapixels, you can see a difference in the quality and resolution of your pictures.  You can even blow the pictures up on your iPhone to sizes as large as 8 x 10.  There is also a new sensor and a custom lens. Apple claims to have improved the color accuracy, face detection and reduced motion blur with the camera.  There is a new generation backside illumination sensor which allows you to take pictures in bright light and low light situations.  You can now access the camera application right from the lock screen in order to take photos quickly to capture those special moments. You can also edit your pictures right on your iPhone 4S and then organize them into albums.  The photo stream feature in iCloud allows you to send your pictures right to all of your other Apple devices such as your Mac, iPad, or Ipod.  You can also sent them using iMessage, text message or email.  You can also shoot and edit video in HD on your new iPhone 4S.

iCloud is now on the iPhone 4S and it stores all your pictures, music, applications, mail, contacts, calendars and documents. The iCloud will wirelessly transfer all your data to all of your other Apple devices.  If you purchase one application on your iPhone 4S, then iCloud will automatically put that application to your other Apple devices. Also, you can start a document on your Mac or iPad and then finish it on your iPhone 4S using iCloud. You can also start your iBook at home and continue it on the subway or the beach on your phone. You can also do this with your calendar, mail and contacts. iCloud will back up your data daily wirelessly. You can use AirPrint to print all your business and personally needs wirelessly.

The new iPhone 4S seems very exciting and Apple is consistently improving and updating their already popular products. This product starts at $199.00 if you are receiving an upgrade with your current phone carrier. From all the exciting videos on the Apple site to the reviews, it sure does seem like one amazing phone that does it all.

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