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Get It Covered: Small Business Edition 

August 28, 2014
Small Business Edition

Small businesses today face a range of ongoing challenges that can be daunting to even the most seasoned business person. From ethical issues to financial and resource management to increased competition due to technology, business owners are constantly weighing options and making decisions. Some of the most common areas businesses must manage well include legal, […]

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You’ve Got Brand Evangelists — Now What?

July 16, 2014
Brand Evangelists

You need brand evangelists!” If you’ve studied marketing at all over the past few years, you’ve probably heard this from more than one person. It’s no longer enough to simply attract a loyal customer base. You want to have evangelists, people who are so enthusiastic and supportive of your business that they freely share information […]

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6 Reasons Why Spending on Employee Health Will Save You Money and More

July 14, 2014
Employee Health

As technology, globalism and the “machining” of the American worker continue to demand increasing productivity and cost savings, it’s common for businesses to skimp where they can in order to stay lean and competitive. And while the passage and implementation of the Affordable Care Act requires businesses to provide employees with healthcare, it still remains […]

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Dream Big, Think Realistic

April 20, 2014
Coffee Mug

For all of our entrepreneurial lives we have been told to dream big and think big if we ever want to be big: A word of caution – That kind of magical thinking can lead to big debt and even bigger failures. Big thinking, and even failing, in itself is not always bad, but our […]

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Four Quick Points to Consider When Selecting an Online POS System

March 10, 2014
Shopping POS

Selecting the best point-of-sale system for your business might seem to be a difficult and time-consuming task to accomplish but can become much easier than you think. The key is to approach it strategically and take the selection process one step at a time. Before you make your final decision, there are several points for […]

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How to Choose Your POS System And Put it to Optimal Use

February 14, 2014
Point of Sale

You might be asking yourself, what is a POS system? A point of sale system basically handles your sales transaction. Because it is what brings in revenue to your business, it is a very important aspect of your venture. You want to put in the time researching and comparing the different systems available in the […]

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Is it Time to Incorporate Your Small Business?

February 7, 2014
Incorporate your small business

Many small business startups begin as sole proprietorships or partnerships. The low cost and convenience of these legal structures helps you get started quickly. However, it is important to review how a business is structured as your company grows. Your staffing, taxes and liability often change over time. As your business expands, incorporation may be […]

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