Everything You Need to Know About Trend Investing: 5 Basics for New Investors

July 21, 2014
Trend Investing

When it comes to investing, there are never “sure things.” Anyone who tells you otherwise is probably engaged in illegal activities, and you want to get as far away as possible, as soon as possible. The fact that you can never guarantee a return on an investment shouldn’t keep you from investing altogether, though. While […]

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5 Alternative Investment Strategies for 2014

March 28, 2014
Alternative Investment Strategies

After the US goes through a recession, most people focus on the negative.  If you ask around, many people will tell you that the economy is in shambles, and the recession is hurting us all.  However, if you look up what is going on, you will see that the stock market is near the highest […]

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Investing with a Small Budget

November 26, 2013
Investing on a small budget

Investing with limited money can pose financial and emotional challenges. A small budget may limit investment choices, which can frustrate eager investors hearing of high returns by hedge funds or trading strategies geared to high net worth clients. Those without a company 401k may feel particularly short of choices. Thankfully, small investors have an array […]

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Bond Value and Interest Rate Correlation

November 7, 2013
Bond Value and Interest Rate Correlation

Most of us vaguely know the correlation between bonds and interest rates.  But some of it is still a bit unclear, and many people do not know what to do when interest rates start to rise.  The concept is actually pretty easy if we simplify matters a little.  But first, we need to see what […]

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Female investors: The Success Stories

October 24, 2013
Female Investors

Women in financial services on Wall Street comprise 54% of the total work force, but make up only 16% of senior executives and 0% of the CEOs, according to an analysis of the Bureau of Labour Statistics by Catalyst. In large banks and hedge funds on Wall Street, women make up the majority of workers […]

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It is Easy to Sell Shares Online

October 21, 2013
Sell Shares Online

Online trading has revolutionized the stock market.  Instead of being an obscure concept that seemingly only a select number of brokers in New York have access to, it is now available to anyone that is over 18 and wants to set up an account.  There are a number of different platforms to do so; in […]

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How the Internet Changed the Investing World

October 15, 2013
Online Stock Trading

Forty years ago when you bought stocks, you would visit your broker.  He would then fill out a trade ticket and call it in.  Your confirmation would be receiving a paper certificate showing that you were the owner of the stock.  Twenty years ago you would still have to use a broker to buy your […]

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