What’s the Difference Between a Home Warranty & Homeowners Insurance?

April 24, 2016
Housewife in hair curlers on a broken washing machine

A lot of steps go into buying a home, whether you’re a first-time buyer or an experienced owner. From getting your credit score up to par and shopping around for the best mortgage to getting through the inspection process and obtaining homeowners insurance, the list goes on — not to mention, actually finding the perfect […]

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How to Buy the Right Life Insurance Policy

January 26, 2015
How to Buy The Right Life Insurance

Buying insurance is a very serious matter. You hope that you will never need it. However, if an emergency arises that requires you to use your insurance, you need to be certain that you are properly covered. Buying the right insurance for your car by comparing auto insurance quotes can save you a lot of […]

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Is Your Job Costing You Money on Auto Insurance?

September 25, 2014
Car Insurance

You know insurance is necessary, but it can also be expensive. You want to get the best price you can, but without sacrificing coverage. There’s no lack of television ads and bulk mail letters promising lower rates and more fun. But who can you trust? A surprising factor in car insurance rates Call the toll-free […]

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Focus on the Big Things – Part Two

April 17, 2014
Focus on the Big things

Recently we discussed focusing on the big things, and how it is much more worthwhile to spend your time on the items that will save you a lot of money, like refinancing your house or negotiating your car insurance, rather than the things that will save you hardly anything, like making your own soap or […]

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Why Buy Life Insurance?

October 28, 2013
Life Insurance

As we plan for the future, we know that life is full of uncertainties, and it is necessary to have backup plans and insurance coverage in case things don’t go as expected. Life insurance is an essential part of financial planning which can provide for families in the event of the death of a family […]

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Health Insurance Costs Outpace Income Growth

October 19, 2013
Health Insurance Costs

Health insurance has made the headlines more times than anyone cares to count.  Lately, with the recent rollout of the insurance exchange, it is making headlines even more.  People realize that insurance is becoming more expensive as the years go by, but what many do not realize is that the cost of health insurance is […]

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Why Stay-at-Home Spouses Need Life Insurance

May 9, 2013
Stay at Home Spouse life insurance

When one parent decides to stay home with the children, families will often have to do quite a bit of belt-tightening in order to make the transition to one income. One place where it may seem smart to economize is on life insurance for the stay-at-home spouse. After all, without an income to replace, why […]

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