Was the Bank of England Complacent over Forex Rates?

March 27, 2014

The Bank of England has been criticized for its complacency regarding forex rate fixing. Members of Parliament have raised concerns that the bank failed to promptly look into allegations that market transactions were being rigged as far back as 2006. According to a report published in the Financial Times, the Treasury Select Committee has spoken […]

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Market Reaction to US Job Numbers

December 13, 2013

Markets around the world are often influenced by key economic events. These events include employment figures. Employment data can be correlated with economic performance, feeding into key economic factors such as production and consumption. This in turn impacts market activity across a range of product sets. From gold trading right through to FX pair value […]

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What Causes the Rise and Fall of Gas Prices?

July 19, 2013
Gas Prices

I set a lot of goals for myself when I was younger and one of them was to purchase a car the moment I turned 16 with a drivers license in hand. While I was lucky enough for my parents to cover the insurance, as I was still on their policy, they made me pay […]

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Did Non-farm Payrolls Change the Sentiment Story?

June 11, 2013
Non-Farm Payroll

Negative sentiment crawled back into the capital markets approximately 2-week ago when FOMC chairman discussed monetary policy with member of congress during his bi-annual testimony.  The chairman during the question and answer period discussed the potential tapering of the current bond purchase program which immediately took the rose off of the U.S. stock and bond […]

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What Happens When the Fed Slows Quantitative Easing (QE3)?

May 29, 2013
Quantitative Easing QE3

The key component to keeping the economy strong is to regularly have money change hands.  If the money is moving, then the economy stays strong.  When the great recession began, and the housing bubble burst, a lot of money stopped moving.  As it deepened, people lost their jobs, causing the money flow to become stagnant.  […]

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The Cashless Society: Orwellian Nightmare or Beneficial Certainty?

May 7, 2013
Cashless Society

I recently went and had my dog, Murray, micro-chipped. I mentioned to my boyfriend how awesome it would be if we could micro-chip children and possibly reduce the number of kidnapped and missing children in America. “That is a horrible idea.” He said, “Then the government would always know where you are.” “The government technically […]

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Is The Housing Bubble Behind Us?

April 3, 2013
housing bubble

One of the leading causes of the great recession was the burst of the housing bubble.  From around 2001 until 2006 housing prices climbed rapidly.  Banks were not as tightly regulated and they were handing out loans to many people who really could not afford the payments.  These people were buying houses that had inflated […]

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