Selling Gift Cards: A Follow Up

by Emily on January 6, 2012

Back a few months ago, I wrote an article about selling gift cards. With the holiday season upon us, and gift cards being a popular gift as always, I wanted to share with our readers my experience of selling a gift card through Plastic Jungle.

This summer I received a Macy’s gift card for $50.00 and after writing and researching for the article I wrote about selling gift cards, I decided to sell my own on I created an account on the website and discovered that I could receive $40.00 cash for my $50.00 gift card. I had the option of the company mailing me a check or sending the money through PayPal. I chose to have the money sent to me via PayPal. I completed the request, printed out my free shipping label and mailed the gift card and the order receipt to the company in mid October.

It is now the first on January, two and a half months later and I have yet to receive a payment for my gift card. When the payment did not come within the initial 3-4 business days after the company received it, I placed a call to them. The customer service representative said that the company was experiencing problems and having delays issuing payments via PayPal and that I should wait another week. I waited the week, and still nothing. Again, I contacted them as to the status of the payment for my card.  The representative I talked to the second time had no record of my first call and inquiry to their customer service department.  The representative said that they would work on the case and that payment should follow shortly.

I have been hearing the same comments from the customer service department for the past two months. I call and email every two to three days checking on the status of my payment. I have asked to speak to managers and they tell me that they are making my case a priority, but yet nothing has been resolved. The customer service representatives will tell you that they are going to send emails to you with the details and status of your claim, and never do. Or if I do end up receiving an email, there is still no further action taken place. I mailed my gift card to an address in Colorado, and it was received promptly after I mailed it. The customer service center is located somewhere in India. The representatives also have a habit of telling me that they are contacting the payment division in the United States in order to solve the problem.

Two months later, I feel frustrated and downright cheated. I am at the point where I just want the company to send my gift card back to me and I will find something to buy at Macy’s, or I have the option of selling on eBay or going through another gift card exchange program. I fear that asking Plastic Jungle to mail me back my gift card will be another endless process of pointless phone calls lasting many more months. I am not sure if I had chosen the option of receiving a credit for for my gift card would have resulted better.

You may receive gift cards for a store or restaurant you may never go to or use this holiday season and you may want to trade them in, or sell them. I urge you not to sell your gift card at Plastic Jungle through their website. I have had the worst customer service experience and have been out of the use of my gift card or funds received for selling the gift card for two months and counting. Refer back to our article and choose one of the other sites to sell or swap your gift card on, but whatever you choose to do with the gift cards you receive this holiday season, do not by any means attempt to sell your gift card on

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  • Amberj

    Great. I just sold one to them and mailed it in about a week ago. I wish I’d known about your experience sooner!

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