Riding Your Bike to Work – Healthy and Money Saving

by Emily on October 13, 2011

The green movement seems to gain popularity with each passing year. If you are one of those who is looking to reduce your carbon foot print you could take a step towards doing so by riding your bike to work. While reducing your carbon foot print, you can also burn some calories and get your daily cardio in. In the majority of states within the United States you can ride your bike to work, school or to run errands from the months of May to November. During the winter months, you can either take public transportation or your car to take you around town.

One popular event around the country that is inspiring both old and young to lessen their reliance on cars and use bikes instead is called Tour de Fat. This is a bike festival that is sponsored by the New Belgium Brewing Company. This tour goes through 13 U.S. cities promoting the positive societal offerings of the bicycle. The bike festival is a parade of crazy costumes, where participants where all sorts of crazy costumes and ride their bike about 3 miles ending in a large party. There are lots of local vendors and information on bikes and living a greener lifestyle. The tour also has a program in which you can agree to trade your car for a new bike called the car for bike trade in program. The festival is also a fundraiser for local environmental groups in each city and during the festival most goods consumed or drank are compostable in order to reduce waste. Upcoming Tour de Fat dates can be found at Newbelgium.com.

Maintaining your bike as opposed to your car will saving you money each year. You can learn to replace your tires, break pads chains and other parts from videos on ehow.com or through seminars offered by your local bike shop. Bikes just require spare parts and yearly tweaks. Your car needs oil changes, tires rotated, snow tires, new break pads, inspections and registrations. By reducing the amount of time you spend using your car and increasing the amount of time you are on your bike, you will incur real savings.

Often people complain that they are too busy too work out. By riding your bike to school, work or to run errands you are burning calories on the way there and the way home. You are getting your exercise in without even realizing it. No longer will you have an excuse to not work out. Biking is also a fun activity to do with friends and family on the weekends. Many towns have local bike paths which have beautiful scenery you can enjoy while getting fit. You can even look up how many calories per ride you are burning on health website calorie burn calculator website.

Biking to work, may even cut down on your commute time to work or school. You may be able to find an alternate route through a park or path that your car cannot travel on which would reduce the amount of time traveling to and from your daily activities, which will leave you more free time to do the things you love. Also, bikes can help on parking costs. If you pay to park in a garage for work, or you have to buy a parking pass to park on campus at your school, these fees will be eliminated by biking there. You will have to invest in a good bike lock, and then you can lock your bike up right outside your office or classroom.

Even if you are skeptical on getting rid of your car all together or for months at a time, you can first start by biking to work or school once a week. Once you get the feel of how biking goes, you can start to increase the amount of times a week to bike to work or school, further reducing your costs. Even if you cannot bike to work or school because of the distance or difficulty of getting there on a bike, you can still bike to run errands such as renting a movie or grabbing a few quick groceries. Even these small changes will allow you to use your car less and save you money on gas and car maintenance.

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