Preparing for a Job Interview

by Emily on February 14, 2012

As a job seeker in this tough, competitive market you need to be prepared before going into your interview. After sifting through possibly hundreds of resumes for one position, yours stood out to the employer and you got the interview. Now what? You need to make sure you do your homework, before you go in and sit down face to face with an employer, have a skype interview or a phone interview. Being as prepared as you can be is the key to success at getting the job you have been searching for.

Research the company and its employees on and You can learn where the interviewer went to college, got their masters in leadership development, their employment history and possibly their personal hobbies. Armed with this background information, you can connect with the employer and employees that you encounter on the interview on a more personal level that will help them see you fitting in to their company. You should be aware and informed of the company’s culture and mission. You will be aware of recent achievements of the company and  point out to the employer that you aware of the company’s successes and would like to contribute to the future.  By doing your research, you can be aware of current events with the company such as possible mergers or the company branching out to offer a new service or product.

If the company is publicly traded, be sure to brush up on what is going on with the company’s current stock activity and performances. You should know if they recently offered a dividend or spilt shares. You can set alerts on Google News, Google Finance and, which will tell you when there is major change to the company, or industry that the company operates in.

Not only should you research the company you are interviewing at, you should also research their competition.  The competitors may offer similar job openings to the one you have an interview for and you can gain a perspective on how different companies operate within the market. Knowing the competitors, will give you points of discussion for your interview. You will be well versed in the industry and will be able to express to the employer what you can add to the company.

You want to appear as if you are knowledgeable about the company. Always be positive about your resume and with the answers you are providing to the interview questions. Try to anticipate areas that you think the interviewer is going to discuss and develop well thought out answers. Think of questions beforehand that you can ask the employer about the company as well as the position.  Although the interview process may seem overwhelming, you can help put your anxiety at easy by preparing in advance.  You may not always be the most qualified candidate for a job on paper, but you certainly can be the most prepared, by following’s tips for preparing for an interview.

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