Personal Finance Week in Review for September 15

by Sean Bryant on September 15, 2012

This week was sure a crazy week.  I found myself doing a lot of catch up after being absent due to FinCon12 last weekend.  I got a lot accomplished and now it’s time to relax.  I am going to watch a little college football today and then tomorrow my wife and I are heading to Estes Park, CO for the day.  This is migration season for the Elk so they are out in full force.

What kind of plans do all of you have for this weekend?

Here are my favorite personal finance articles from this past week.  Want to see yourself on this list next week?  Add to your weekly round-up.

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I submitted to carnivals way too late this week so there are only a couple that OneSmartDollar was mentioned in.

Carnival of Financial Planning

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  • Thanks for the mention Sean. No plans for me this weekend as I have to work. I have rotating days off so my weekend is next Wed/Thur. Hope you enjoy yours though, it would be cool to see a herd of Elk running around.

  • Appreciate the mention! This weekend I am continuing to recover from sinus surgery (head is pounding most of the time…running out of vicodin!) and a wedding Sunday afternoon. Hope you have a good weekend.

  • Sean, thanks for the mention! We took our kids to the park today and it’s date night tonight! Have a great weekend!

  • My plans involve some NASCAR, NFL and cleaning up my house a bit. Lots of filing and catching up my money spreadsheets, quicken etc.

  • Sean, thanks so much for including my post, it feels nice knowing someone reads what I write 🙂 I didn’t make any plans for the weekend but going outside seems out of question. It’s been blazing hot here in Southern California (100’s). Just plan on sticking inside without sticking to things, hahaha.

  • Sean, thanks for including our post! We appreciate it:)

  • Thanks for the mention Sean. Not too much plans for me this weekend other than hitting up the zoo yesterday. Now I’ve got some work to do while watching football in the background.

  • Jason @ WorkSaveLive

    I bet watching the Elk is a lot of fun! I’m jealous that I don’t live in Colorado…I want to move out there badly!

  • John S @ Frugal Rules

    I took our daughter to her first college football game on Saturday a part of her birthday. It was a blast. Love this time of year, especially now that the weather is getting a little nicer!

  • I have always wanted to see an Elk migration. It looks amazing on the Discovery channel.

  • Terry Sprouse

    I grew up in Colorado, and your mention of the elks reminded me of all the wildlife in the mountains, and driving around the mountains to see the Aspen tree leaves changing colors.

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