Make Your Home Business Appear Larger

by Sean Bryant on November 3, 2016

Make Your Home Business Appear Larger

What a hassle it is to have to go to the post office every day to check your P.O. Box. You got it so that your small, home based business would appear to be larger than it is. However, you no longer need to deal with checking your P.O. box address every day. There are many ways to make your business seem larger.

One of the ways is with an online P.O. box. You can get a virtual po box address and see an actual picture of each item of postal mail right when it arrives. You can do this either with a smartphone app or online from anywhere. With this service, you can get a real address as opposed to a P.O. box one and be able to receive packages from any of the carriers. You can then choose to pick them up or scan, recycle, or even forward the mail and packages to any other location with just a few clicks. By adding your fax or phone number to this, you can create a virtual office! This service is great for:

  • Single professionals, self – employed and entrepreneurs
  • Startups as well as small or medium sized businesses
  • Companies that want to establish a presence in another city
  • Families and individuals
  • Vacationers and travelers
  • Students and expats

The plans are inexpensive too, starting at only $9.99 monthly.

Tech It Up a Notch

Meetings and conferences are a part of any business. In the good old days, this mean traveling to where the meeting was to be held and getting together in some sort of a meeting or conference room to have the meeting. It doesn’t need to be that way anymore.

Now, you can have a video conference and have your meetings right in the comfort of your home office. This will allow you to save time and money traveling to and from meetings and allow you to multitask at the same time. This will also make follow ups with your clients more personal because you have all been able to put faces with the names. It is also a great way to revolutionize our customer service because you will have the ability to address the customer’s issue in a more timely manner. You can also be proving that yes, you do care about their situation. Do this by having a video conference with them as opposed to putting them with a virtual help desk or a call center redirect.

Online Timesheets

One way to make your business appear larger is by using an online time sheet app. These will show you how your time is used – by client or project, every day. This makes your business seem bigger because it enhances your management of time, while identifying projects that are unprofitable and wasted time and as a result, increasing the overall billable hours as well as productivity.

Add to the Numbers

Remember when we all relied on paper checks? They each had a number at the top of them and you could tell, if the number was a low one, that the account was pretty new. The same thing goes with invoices. If you get an invoice that is number 54, you might get the impression that it is either a relatively new company, or it doesn’t do very much business. While there might be a plethora of good reasons for this, instead of attempting to explain this to your customers, you might just start with a higher invoice number – like something in the 1000s. This will give your business the appearance of being larger.

You don’t need to appear to be a massive corporation. That isn’t what you are and could be considered to be misleading. Instead, find and use practices and processes that will attract clients drawn to established enterprise. Doing so enables companies to net their first round of clients, hopeful setting off a sequence of exponential growth in the future.

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