Kindle Fire – What’s All the Buzz About?

by Emily on October 5, 2011 announced a new product late last month called the Kindle Fire. The device is very popular right now, as it is the top selling product on and it has not even come out yet. The device comes about in about 6 weeks, in mid November, just in time for holiday shopping. This product is Amazon’s competitive product to Apples IPad.

The Kindle Fire is a 7 inch backlit display tablet. Inside the tablet is a TI dual core OMAP chip, which is the same ship that is used in many of Goggles Android devices. The Kindle Fire comes with 8 GB of memory and reports from the Amazon executives seem to suggest that the device could hold up to 20 movies at one time. Therefore, you would have to manage the data on your device and decide which TV shows, movies, books and music you would want on the device at a given time. In addition to purchasing Amazon content to stream, you can load content of your own, by purchasing different applications that would play your movies and stream your picture you load onto the device.

Unlike the iPad, the Kindle Fire does not have a camera built into the device. The applications that are available to purchase on the device are from the Google Android market. Although, the device currently has limited applications, there are projections that by mid 2012 all of the most popular Android applications will be available for purchase on the Kindle Fire.

Despite some limitations with the device, its price is making it very popular. While the iPad starts at $499.99 and can be priced as high as $829.00, the Kindle Fire is $199.00, which is a price range that is appropriate for the majority of consumers. The iPad is an investment for a large number of consumers, and the Kindle Fire is less than half the price. The Kindle Fire is so closely tied with Amazon storefronts that it makes it effortless to purchase content on the device. Apple hosts free classes for those who are interested in purchasing the iPad, which older users may feel is necessary with the high purchase price. The Kindle Fire upon first impressions seems more user friendly, especially with older non computer savvy purchasers. On the Kindle Fire, you can tap on the content and then tap on the download button and your music, book, movie or TV show is right there.

While most people have not seen the Kindle Fire in person, the reports are very promising. The Kindle Fire also allows you to browse the web on a new brewer called Silk which Amazon has developed. If you are debating between getting an iPad and the Kindle Fire, you should know that the high price tag of the iPad, also makes it a much more capable device. If you just want a device that you can read books, watch movies and listen to music on the go on without the camera and interactive games, from early reports it would seem that the Kindle Fire is the way to go. The jury is still out though on the Kindle Fire until the device becomes available on November 15.

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  • I bought a Panasonic Android tablet for $129 last year and love it! I haven’t tried watching movies on it, but I use it as an e-Reader, surf the web, email, Facebook and Angry Birds. πŸ™‚ I’m sure the newer ones have more memory, but I just put a larger memory card in to expand the memory.

    I would still rather have an iPad, but for the price, you can’t beat these other tablets!

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