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by Sean Bryant on October 13, 2013

You’ve got your web store set up and your products ready to go. You’re ready to start benefiting from the hard work it took you to get this far. But not so fast. If your website isn’t enticing people to buy, it doesn’t matter how much work you’ve put in ahead of time. In order to make sales, you need to convert people who are browsing into people who are buying. The rate of such conversions has a direct impact on your bottom line because with no conversions, you’ve got no revenue. If you need to make more conversions, there are several things you can change on your website to encourage people to buy, not just browse. Here are some ideas.

Include Product Reviews

When people are trying out new products online, they lack several important parts of shopping for new products in person. There’s no way to pick up an online product to look it over, see it from all sides, and assess its quality. Good pictures and descriptions help to demonstrate what your products are like, but it’s still not the same. Product reviews can help. If you enable your existing customers to post reviews of products, this can give new customers confidence that your products live up to their descriptions. The best way to build consumer appeal in your products is to demonstrate that other people have bought the same products and are thrilled with them. Let your existing customers do this for you through product reviews.

Demonstrate Your Sincerity

When customers are checking out your store for the first time, they are looking for clues that you are a good person to do business with. In online sales, that means accurate information about your products, but also clarity about the process of buying and an assurance of good customer service. Make sure that customers can find key information about your business from any product page. This includes shipping information, your return policies and procedure, customer service contact information, and frequently asked questions. Even if they don’t need to use any of this information right away, having it easily available is a way to show your customers that you want them to have a good experience with your store. It shows that if customers have questions or problems, it is easy to get in touch with you to resolve those issues. Such reassurances help to increase your eCommerce conversion rate, even if customers never need to use that information.

Clean Checkout Process

When customers are at the point of buying, make it easy for them to do so. Make sure that your checkout process is simple and free of distractions. Lead customers clearly through the process of entering their financial information so there are no questions or potential frustrations. Don’t include any unnecessary links on your checkout pages, especially ones that might entice your customer away from completing their transaction. The conversion isn’t complete until the transaction is done.

Final thought

These key tips will help you to increase the conversions on your website, gaining you more customers and improving your bottom line. Try them on your website and watch your hard work pay off.

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