How Much is Your Coffee Habit Really Costing You?

by Emily on October 12, 2011

We all love money, but do you love your daily cups of coffee more than you love your money? Currently coffee is the most highly traded commodity in the world, with costs per pound increasing weekly. If the price of trading the good is rising of course this is going to translate to increased cost per each cup of coffee you drink daily.

Going out each day and grabbing a latte or that expresso before work and then at lunch time can really add up. Most people do not even consider how much they spend an item they deem essential to their daily lives. If you stop and look at the costs, you can save money and still keep up your coffee habit.

Choose where you get your coffee wisely. Are you gong to Starbucks, Dunkin Dounuts, a local special coffee shop or are you brewing your coffee at home? You can buy the beans from your favorite coffee shop and brew them at home in the morning, and take them to the office in a reusable to go cup. If you use styrofoam cups to bring your coffee to go in the morning, then you are spending additional money each time you purchase those cups and throw them out. Buy one or two reusable mugs that you can use on a daily basis. Also, instead of leaving the office at break time or lunch time to go grab that mid day cup of coffee, drink the coffee that your work place provides for the staff. If your work place doesn’t provide coffee consider bringing in a small coffee pot, such as one that brews 4 cups and keeping it under your desk, make sure to bring filters and beans and brew your coffee in your office break room. If your office does provide coffee, but you do not particularly enjoy it, bring special items from home that can flavor up that boring office coffee. You can bring your favorite flavored creamer from home and keep a small amount of it in a lunch bag with ice packs, bring your own sugar or bring flavored stirrers from home.

When buying coffee beans or grounds to brew your own coffee at home, you can save money by buying plain flavored beans and then adding your own spices and flavors to the grounds for your own unique blend. There are spices you can add such as cinnamon, mint, vanilla, almond, citrus fruits, chocolate powder, maple syrup, nutmeg, allspice, cardamom and pumpkin to liven up the flavor. You can also purchase liquids extracts such as vanilla, rum, lemon, and orange to add to your home brewed delights. If you compost at home, you can use the coffee grinds to put into your compost pile or garden which works as a natural fertilizer. When purchasing coffee beans, you can stock up in bulk if there is a sale or promotion because you can freeze the coffee beans to use at a later date.

If you are going to continue to purchase coffee outside the home, make sure you become a member of your coffee shops membership reward program. If you purchase a certain amount of coffees, then you will get a free coffee. Also, look for coupons and or discounts to your favorite coffee places in the newspaper and online. Last, with the holidays upcoming, gift cards to a coffee shop could be a great gift for you to receive.

One personal finance tool that you can use to help you calculate your spending on items such as coffee, or bottled water comes from This tool is called My Savings Machine and it will calculate your savings in the different categories in spending that you have in your life. This tool can show you what items you can cut out of your life, and how your savings would add up yearly.

You don’t have to live without coffee, but you also don’t have to live without the extra money you are spending on coffee each year. By following these tips, you will soon realize that your daily habit doesn’t have to cost you so much.

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