Get Rewarded for Saving with SaveUp

by Sean Bryant on August 14, 2012

Some people might think I’m crazy, but I love the feeling when I am in saving mode and I see my bank account balance do nothing but go up.  I was recently introduced to a new company called SaveUp and the idea behind it is pretty cool for us savers.

What is SaveUp?

SaveUp is a new rewards program that helps Americans succeed financially by encouraging them to adopt good financial behaviors, such as saving money and paying down debt. By rewarding people with the chance to win valuable or life-changing prizes, we hope to motivate them to become savers instead of spenders.

What kind of accounts can be linked to SaveUp?

Any savings or debit account can be registered through SaveUp.  These can include 401k, IRA, mortgage, student loan or credit card accounts at over 19,000 US financial institutions.

How can SaveUp afford to reward people for engaging in routine financial activities?

SaveUp has partnered with several major brands such as Virgin America, TurboTax, Banana Republic, GameStop and others to help with prizes.

How do SaveUp users win prizes?

SaveUp users can redeem credits they have earned for tickets which will be good for instant win games, weekly and monthly drawings.

What kind of prizes can be won?

You can win a wide range of prizes from gift cards to your favorite stores, luxury vacations, or even a $2 million grand prize.  They add new prizes every week.

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