Current State of Labor Market in Florida

by Guest on January 30, 2014

labor marketDespite the fact that unemployment rate in Florida is steadily getting lower month after month – now it is just 6.4% judging by the data from November 2013 (as compared to 8% in November 2012), finding a good job can still be a problem. Taking into account recent economic recession, it is only logical that such industries as trade, transport, utilities, education and healthcare are in the biggest demand. When it comes to information technology, construction, and manufacturing, the overall situation on the market is much worse. Opening rate is significantly lower, which is why many qualified experts remain unemployed. The good news, though, is that you can always check out the latest state of Florida job openings on sites as

As it was already mentioned, the situation on Florida labor market is gradually improving, though it make take some time before experts from all sort of industries will be able to see it for themselves. However, there is no need to despair for those who are still out work. Judging from the current situation, financial, leisure & hospitality and service industries will be the next ones to completely recover from the recession. Before long experts predict significant growth in the opening rate for these sectors. Consequently, future unemployment rate is also projected to decrease. In other words, do not hurry to switch professions if you are still searching for a perfect opening.

Another goods news is that job search could not have been easier than in our era of technological innovation. Just think about the advantages we have – the time of buying and scanning through boring newspapers is over, and the only thing we need to find a job is a personal computer with Internet connection. The final challenge is to find a decent site with user-friendly navigation and relevant search criteria., for instance, offers you full list of the latest job openings in the US. One of the biggest advantages of this site is that you can define your particular search criteria – by industry, by location (state, city), by category, etc. It is friendly to navigate and convenient to use. Plus, you can always subscribe for new job openings and receive the latest updates directly to your e-mail. Good luck searching!

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