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by Sean Bryant on January 25, 2012

LowestMedWere you aware that prescription drug prices can fluctuate not only with the city that you live in but also the pharmacy that you shop at? Today marked the launch of a new mobile app, LowestMed, that is geared to help you find the cheapest prescription prices in your city.

LowestMed has the first app in the industry that will allow you to search for the prescription that you need to fill and it will tell you what pharmacy has the lowest price. I know that the prices of some drugs can be quite costly so even a little bit of savings can really add up over the course of the year.

This app is currently available on iPhone and Android devices, but you also have the option to search and compare prices on You will notices that you can save additional money because they will highlight prescriptions on $4 generic drug lists. The app will also include the LowestMed discount card which can save customers between 10% and 85% at point of sale.

During a recent interview with CEO Brad Bangerter he said, “Most consumers don’t realize that prices can vary widely by pharmacy, and that up until this point the only way to do price comparisons on a local level was to go to each pharmacy and submit an insurance claim. With the LowestMed app, for the first time consumers are empowered with the full transparency to identify the least expensive drug prices in their area. We do for the pharmacy marketplace what Travelocity or KAYAK does for the travel industry, providing a one-stop, fast, convenient and easy way for consumers to maximize savings on their medications.”

The lowestMed app includes more than 1,000 of the most popular brand name and generic drugs. These account for over 95% off the most commonly prescribed drugs in the US. This app is something that is much needed because it will provide a savings to individuals who before didn’t have an easy way to know if they were getting a good deal of not.

If you want to download the LowestMed app than just head over to Apple App Store or Android Marketplace.

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