Three Tips on Budgeting for a New Vehicle

September 15, 2014
Budgeting for a new vehicle

Although you might not want to admit it, your car is starting to show signs of age. From mysterious creaks and oil leaks in the driveway to the odometer that is creeping up to 150,000 miles and beyond, your beloved car is probably getting ready to retire. While you know you need to purchase a […]

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Getting Your Budget Right: Personal Finance Ratios

February 28, 2014
Personal Finance Ratios

Household budgeting is an important part of managing finances. Without a budget, it can be hard to manage where your money is spent efficiently. The lack of a budget is one of the main reasons why many people struggle to live within their means. Beyond the lack of a budget, another potential mistake is to […]

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Experiences Alone Can Be Worth a Million Dollars

August 2, 2013
August Blog Giveaway

Life can sure be a interesting ride a lot of the time. Things don’t always go as you might have planned. You might remember a few months ago I told you a story about how  I was hit by a car as I walked across the street, when I was living in Chicago. That was […]

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Five Budget Killers You Can Avoid

August 1, 2013

A budget is an essential step towards financial responsibility and stability but certain thing can seriously derail your plans if left unchecked. Here are five budget killers that you should avoid: Addictions Nothing puts a strain on your finances in the same way as an addiction. In most cases, when someone takes a financial misstep […]

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Three Great Fixes for Stressful Finances

July 18, 2013

Trying to get your finances under control can be stressful. In recent years the cost of living has risen to astronomical levels and even the most carefully structured monthly budgets for your home or your business can still turn out a few unexpected surprises. The problem often lies with irregular and unexpected payments which aren’t […]

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The Hidden Costs of Owning a Pet

July 4, 2013
Owning a Pet

If you own a dog you probably already know full well just how expensive (yet rewarding!) owning a pet can be. I know when I was contemplating getting my dog, Murray, everyone who tried to talk me out of it cited the same reason; pets, (like children) are expensive. Except no one I know has […]

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How Meal Planning Helped me Save $150 A Month

June 13, 2013
meal planning

Oh, Mama. I just did the numbers on my budget for the month of May, and I never knew meal planning could drastically cut your food spending each month. Meal planning is something I previously thought only Moms and families did, even my mother only loosely kept a meal plan when I was growing up. As […]

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