Being Money Savvy When Looking For A New Job

by Sean Bryant on October 15, 2012

No matter what situation you find yourself in when it comes to seeking a new job, it’s important to take into account your wealth. Whether you’re seeking a promotion, trying to force your way out of unemployment or just start fresh in a new sector, your salary must remain one of the key factors. It’s not about greed or arrogance, it’s about your own way of life and supporting those you love.

An important factor in searching for a new job is the period in between. You’re not going to be earning money at this time so you don’t want to remain unemployed for long; there are benefits available, such as unemployment insurance, which provide the jobseeker with an adequate amount of funds each month to live by but it’s a limited sum and those with serious expenses should not dwell there too long. It’s a short-term solution only.

For other unemployment options, people find a great deal of success learning to utilise eBay to its full extent and selling their unwanted items. Another solid idea is to get involved with a temping agency which seeks to ensure that all work absences are filled by those looking for the valuable working experience. The benefit of temp work is that it’s short-term and that equates to quick money which in turn can pay for a new suit or travel expenses for something slightly more in your field. Of course, with regards to your job search; a helpful idea is sign up with a recruitment agency such as Adecco who can offer you role from finance jobs to PA positions. The beauty of agencies like this is that they can provide information on a range of sectors in one place and therefore speed up your job search.

A lot of people skim their emails before clicking ‘delete’, but there’s actually money to be earned in some of these market research emails that no one wants. It’s never a lot of money and it always takes more time that it’s possibly worth but for those who have the time, getting involved in surveys and market research schemes can certainly earn a bit of money on the side. Additionally, there are online sites where individuals can contribute content and copy for websites and blogs which are published whilst the writer is paid a small fee for their time and effort.

It’s important to spot an opportunity; if you’re sitting at home all day pouring through job sites, you might as well be paid for it. Stick up some leaflets around the community and offer to help around with baby- and house-sitting, walking the dogs and anything that needs to be done. As long as the money coming in exceeds the money going out, all jobs are worth doing.

Finally, and this is perhaps the most important tip, but always keep in mind the amount of money you’re earning and spending; the key tip here is to not expand your lifestyle in any way. Unless you are in dire need of a change, the only way you’ll be earning more money is if you’re not spending more money simultaneously. It’s about being smart, spending the right amount at the right time and ensuring you’re prepared for the future.

If you have ever been unemployed what did you do to make extra money while you looked for a new job?

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Sean Bryant

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  • I try to help people around me. Paint a house, babysit, help people move, even if I don’t usually get paid, I get a free meal, and people owe me one when I need. I also look at short term employment, I have been a waitress for a day, etc. taskrabbit is a great site to look for assignments, whatever your skills, you can shop for an old lady or fix a computer.

    • Pauline beat me to it on this one… I would use the time to help others and fill my ‘favour owed book’! Odd jobs, or Ad-hoc work through agencies is also good

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