Selling your house at a loss vs. Renting it out

March 7, 2012

With the housing market still not booming, many people whose home has been on the market for months without promising offers are looking to rent their home instead of selling at a loss. Many homeowners who were looking to sell face this problem because they bought a new home before being able to sell their […]

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The Federal Student Loan Rate is Scheduled to Double

February 20, 2012

If Congress does not take action, a scary hike in interest rates on federal student loans will occur this summer. The interest rate is scheduled to double, this July and will affect many college students throughout the country. This current school year, loans taken out by college students had an interest rate of 3.4 percent. […]

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Preparing for a Job Interview

February 14, 2012

As a job seeker in this tough, competitive market you need to be prepared before going into your interview. After sifting through possibly hundreds of resumes for one position, yours stood out to the employer and you got the interview. Now what? You need to make sure you do your homework, before you go in […]

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Changes to Note When Filing Your Taxes

February 7, 2012

Due to political stagnation in Washington last year, there are not as many changes to the tax laws as there have been in years past. If you have not filed your federal income tax return for 2011, now is a good time to get started. This year there are only a few new forms for […]

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Effects from the Last Federal Reserve Meeting

February 6, 2012

Recently the Fed had a meeting that many are saying will have long lasting effects on how the central bank operates. The Fed took two steps in last weeks meeting. The first was publishing detailed interest rate projections of each of the 17 officials who participate in the policy meetings. The publication did not identify […]

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Should You Give Yourself an Allowance?

February 1, 2012

When you were a little kid, you may have gotten a weekly allowance for doing chores or tasks around the house and you loved it. You knew you had money coming in each week if you did your jobs and then you could plot out how to spend it. As an adult, I find myself […]

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2012 Consumer Electronics Show

January 30, 2012

A Couple of weeks ago Las Vegas hosted the International Consumer Electronics Show.  At this annual fest for technology, thousands of products were showcased. Some of the products on display were already available for purchase in certain markets, with others scheduled to be released within the coming months. At the Electronics Show, there are even […]

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