Are You Suffering From Compulsive Shopping Syndrome?

by Sean Bryant on January 11, 2012

There are many addictions that are openly discussed about, ranging from drugs, gambling, alcohol, food, to even sex! But have you ever thought about your necessary urge to shop? Yes, talk about compulsive shopping and people often laugh it away.

This is actually the biggest hurdle why people are never unable to find a cure to it – because debting or compulsive shopping is not considered as a serious problem even by those who suffer from it. They do not understand the psychological implications of their behavior.

It may ring true for all kinds of addicts that their behavior, be it to eat incessantly, drink endlessly, shop till they drop, or any other, is mainly trigerred due to stress or loneliness. An unexpected breakup, loss of job, family issues can all make you anxious and depressed, urging you to look for an instant quick fix that can help you feel good. They do not recognize that in finding this quick fix, they are merely trying to escape from how they truly feel. There are different ways people deal with this situation.

So, it is not really about the love for food in the case of binge eating or the fondness for those expensive halloween costumes, or clothing and accessories in the case of compulsive shopping. It’s all about self-medication, and while there is no harm in this but when your behavior begins to become a hazard, you better seek help.

For compulsive shoppers, the best way to keep a check on themselves is by starting with writing down every penny spent throughout the month. Next, they need to spare some time to analyze where their money is flowing and where they can actually cut back.

If they splurged a lot on any particular day, they can try and think if there had been any incident that happened on that particular day that stressed them out, leading them to go on an unthinkable shopping spree. Once people begin to understand what emotional issues cause them to lose control over their rational self, they will try to keep a check on themselves the next time something similar happens.

In case, this doesn’t seem to work, one to one therapy with a psychologist may also prove to be of great help. Those who are not up for personal counseling sessions, joining a help group can be a good idea, like the one they showed in the movie, The Confessions of a Shopaholic. Debtors Anonymous is one such group. You can explore their site to know about the group meets in your area.

Once the real cause of your overspending will be fixed, it will ensure you a balanced life that is always in your control and not being led by any impulsive decisions that may land you in trouble later.

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