5 Aspects of Theft Coverage That You Need to Check with Your Auto Insurance

by Zack on October 9, 2017

You may have often wondered how confusing the insurance policies are. Does your policy cover any instance of theft and your possessions alongside your car? Every driver’s policy can vary when it comes to theft, but there are a few factors that are applicable to all policyholder.

Consider the following aspects of auto insurance when it comes to instances of theft:

Theft of Car

Your car theft insurance will cover the instance of theft when you’re not able to locate it. It really holds good when you have full coverage involving comprehensive coverage. Alternatively, you may choose to contact the local law enforcement for seeking their assistance in tracing your vehicle.

Loss of Car Parts

The permanent car parts like that of your car stereo may be stolen. So, you’ll need to cover them under your car insurance. Assuming you possess full coverage, your auto insurance tends to cover all parts that are considered to be your vehicle stock. Your auto insurance policy won’t cover your stereo upgrades or other aftermarket add-ons.

Loss of Possessions

At times it’s unavoidable, but it’s not a wise decision to keep your personal belongings within your vehicle. Your belongings won’t be covered if a burglar breaks into your vehicle and escapes with your valuables before being tracked. By producing the actual proof of possessing your lost items, you’ll be able to seek coverage for them from your insurer. Under such circumstances, it’s truly important that you register your loss with the police and try to recoup all losses by following the right procedure.

Type of Car

Some vehicles tend to look more lucrative to thieves than others. These cars are to be stolen and land up in body shops. Vehicles that don’t rank in this list are likely to fetch lower insurance rates. You may fetch such a car to extend your auto theft protection. However, there’s no guarantee that your car won’t be stolen. Auto insurance theft coverage just makes things a little easier on your pocket.


Depreciation of your car takes place at a much faster pace. The depreciated value will only be borne by auto theft insurance. In the event your car gets stolen, you may need to dig deeper into your pocket, especially when you’re paying off your car. This is more appropriate when you take the deductible into account. It’s at this point that you must identify the true nature of your coverage.

Car Theft Insurance

Few of the auto insurance providers have car theft insurance on offer for some buyers. It’s for this reason that this coverage has gained much popularity and is frequently bought by individuals that rent and lack homeowner’s coverage. Your possessions are bound to be covered under an auto theft policy if you get it at the right time. Insurance policies carry certain exclusions but if you mention the chances of theft while buying the policy, then you’ll be covered for the stolen vehicle. For all instances, you’ll need to bear a deductible while opting for liability insurance. Weighing the balances of your vehicle value really helps in knowing whether it’s worth seeking theft coverage.

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