2012 Consumer Electronics Show

by Emily on January 30, 2012

A Couple of weeks ago Las Vegas hosted the International Consumer Electronics Show.  At this annual fest for technology, thousands of products were showcased. Some of the products on display were already available for purchase in certain markets, with others scheduled to be released within the coming months. At the Electronics Show, there are even some products that are prototypes that may never reach consumers. Here are some new products that were on display at the show, for you to get excited about.

One of the products you can look forward to are Ultrabooks. These are personal computers that are less than an inch thick and weighing in at less than 2-3 pounds. This product will eliminate the need for heavy, bulky laptops, which typically weigh more than 5 pounds. These laptops are annoying for students and those in the workforce to carry around. At the Electronics show, the manufacturers of these new Ultrabooks proved to consumers that their product has the same computing speed and function as a bulky laptop, while being super thin and sleek. Some models of the Ultrabook are selling at a price of less than $1000.00, so now you can get the lighter laptop that is just as powerful as the heavier models at a cheaper price.  Some products that were popular at the show included Lenovo’s IdeaPad Yoga, which has a 360-degree flip and fold design. It will be released during the second half of this year and priced starting at $1,200. There was even a TV that was on display by LG, what won best in show at the Consumer Electronic Show. It is only 4-milimeters thick and has Internet and 3-D features, it will be released in the second half of this year.

Another popular product on display was smart watches. These watches are truly wearable minicomputers on your wrist. There is an Andriod based watch known as the WIMM, which runs applications and games that are similar to the programs on your smartphone. The idea behind these watches, is that some of the applications and features are more convenient to have on your wrist, rather than pulling out your phone. You can look at your watch for calendar appointments and even pay for coffee at Starbucks using some of the features on the watch. Motorola has a watch known as the MOTOACTV that is more geared to the fitness crows who also love technology. These watches are so similar to smartphones and computers and have a similar battery life. You have to charge these smart watches daily. Like you do your phone. The price range for smart watches is about $200 to $300.

A very popular and highly anticipated product at the Consumer Electronics show was the Nintendo Wii U console. This new gaming system adds a second screen with a remote control that has a 6-inch touchscreen display. The demonstration for the new gaming system showed a battle game in which the smaller display showed the player’s location, and the TV screen showed aim on the player’s weapon. The gaming console using panoramic views, and alternate views based on the player’s physical movements with the controller and the possibilities for new games using the second screen seems endless. The new gaming system will be released during the second half of 2011, and will be compatible with the Nintendo Wii’s that are currently on the market. Price information for the new Wii is not available yet.

For a full, detailed review of all the products featured at the Consumer Electronics show, check out PC magazine at pcmag.com/CES. The products featured at the show are new and exciting and I personally cannot wait for some of them to come out in the market.

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