Personal Finance Week in Review

by Sean Bryant on March 30, 2012

Each Friday you will find a few of my favorite articles that I read throughout the week. Here are a few that I would suggest taking a look at this weekend.

  1. 15 Ways to Reuse Detergent Bottles – When thinking of liquid detergent bottles we think of one thing.  Holding our laundry detergent.  Here are 15 other uses for them. (Wise Bread)
  2. How to Organize Your Closet – Ideas to Save Time – Our closets can be one of the messiest places in our house.  Most of us feel that the doors are closed so no one can see in anyways.  Well it can make it tough to find anything you want.  Here are some ideas to help you organize your closet life. (Money Crashers)
  3. 10 Ways to Save Money of Groceries Without Coupons - I love coupons.  I think they are a great way to save money on rising food prices.  Some people on the other hand are scared to death to show up in the checkout line with a coupon in hand.  Here are ten tips for saving money on your groceries without using a coupon. (Million Dollar Journey)
  4. The Real Best Places to Retire – I live in Colorado and I like to think it’s the best state in the USA.  A lot of people always have it in their mind that the best places to retire are in Florida or Arizona.  Here is a great article about the “Real” best places to retire. (Free Money Finance)
  5. Building Your Credit Score – Are Credit Cards Your Best Option – I am asked frequently about credit score and what hurts it and what can make it better.  Here is a great article on credit scores and it also has a great chart for how different levels of credit can really affect the amount you would pay for a home mortgage. (Get Rich Slowly)

Blog Carnivals This Week

Festival of Frugality – I wanted to make a quick mention that my article Top 4 Things You Should be Doing in your Twenties for Financial Security was in included in this weeks Festival of Frugality carnival.

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