Three Tips on Budgeting for a New Vehicle

September 15, 2014
Budgeting for a new vehicle

Although you might not want to admit it, your car is starting to show signs of age. From mysterious creaks and oil leaks in the driveway to the odometer that is creeping up to 150,000 miles and beyond, your beloved car is probably getting ready to retire. While you know you need to purchase a […]

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Tracking Your Net Worth; It’s Easier Than You Think

September 12, 2014
Net Worth

There was a time when I thought keeping accurate track of my net worth would be a daunting task. I figured that I would have to do research each month to figure out the value of what I owned, and how much my savings account was worth, and just where I stood with my investments. […]

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7 Reasons to Go For Your MBA

September 11, 2014

As a new or previous college graduate, you may have been relieved to finally earn your bachelor’s degree. However, many college graduates are now finding themselves heading back to school to obtain a higher degree due to the current job market. Here are seven reasons you should go back to school for an Master’s in […]

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How to Save Money When Working With Contractors

September 9, 2014

Homeowners are faced with an ongoing list of maintenance and repairs, and many require professional service contractors. Adding a room onto your house, remodeling a kitchen or repairing a roof require some specialized skills and often become expensive. Fortunately, there are several things homeowners can do to save money when working with contractors. DIY or […]

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Best Gadgets, Apps & Services to Save Money

September 2, 2014
LG G-Flex

It’s no secret that one of the best ways to increase your buying power – and to make your dollar go further – is to stick to a saving regimen. Whether this involves putting aside a fixed portion of your paycheck every month or pocketing your change and keeping it for a rainy day (image […]

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Returning to Work After an Injury? Here’s What You Need to Know

September 1, 2014
Workplace Injury

Returning to work after a serious injury can be a difficult time for a worker, especially one who might still be affected by the physical and mental scars from the accident. Often a workplace accident has a long-term impact on an employee – more than just physical injuries such as broken bones and open wounds. […]

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Receiving Benefits for Innocent Spouse Relief

August 31, 2014
Innocent Spouse Relief

Filing for joint taxes with your spouse is a somewhat murky area in terms of determining who is liable for each particular obligation. Because you often share a mixture of common assets as well as personal assets, your taxes might be different from those of your spouse. In the event of a divorce, those obligations […]

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