How to Manage When Your ID is Stolen

January 8, 2015
ID theft

Even those who are the most careful with their credit card, social security number, and personal information are at risk of having their ID stolen. We live in a digital age, and that means everything is done electronically. By taking precautions a person can minimize the risk; however, the thieves will always find a way. […]

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2015: The Year You’ll Finally (Save Enough to) Buy a New Car

January 6, 2015
New Car

Want to know a secret? Actually, it’s not a secret. It’s something I tell (almost) everyone I meet—at least those who are interested in talking about saving, budgeting and debt-free living. My husband and I bought our first car in cash without draining our savings account. This goes to show that you can afford to […]

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What Does Retirement Mean to You?

December 31, 2014

  If you read personal finance blogs, you will notice that there are common themes that run among them. There are those that talk a lot about how to get out of debt. Then there are those who talk about earning more money on the side. Others will give tips on how to be financially […]

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Is Working at a Startup Right for You?

December 30, 2014
Is Working at a Startup Right for You?

  Over half a million new companies get started each month; however, only about half stay in business for at least five years. While startups provide individuals with the opportunity to work in areas they may love, working for a newer company typically involves different types of sacrifices. Building a successful business is difficult, and […]

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Tips for a First-Time DIY Home Flipper

December 23, 2014
Tips for a first time DIY Home Flipper

  Real estate investing has always been a popular method for making your money work for you. Land development and holding, long-term investing, REIT’s and rental properties have attracted people far and wide as ways to invest money in order to create multiple streams of income that lead to wealth and liberty. But one of […]

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Is Peer Lending Too Risky for Regular Investors?

December 19, 2014
Peer Lending

Most likely, you are reading this post because you desperately need an alternative to stocks and bonds for your investment portfolio. While the long-term return on stocks has averaged around 9% over the last couple of decades, most investors miss the average by a long-shot and bonds are paying next to nothing in the ultra-low […]

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How to Get Financial Aid for Hospital Bills

December 18, 2014
financial aid for hospital bills

Hospital bills can be overwhelming, especially when you’ve just conquered a serious health crisis. The cost of healthcare today can be completely out of reach for those living without insurance or with inadequate coverage, resulting in potentially devastating debt and a financial hole many of us are not prepared to be in. Thankfully, most hospitals […]

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