Small Business

7 Tips to Keep Your Books in Order

June 30, 2015
Tips to Keep your books in Order

When you own a small business, it can be tempting to leave the back office operations for another time. You may get down to bookkeeping basics when it is time to reconcile your accounts at the end of the month, but if you are waiting to keep your finances straight don’t be surprised if they […]

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5 Ways to Make Sure Your Side Hustle is Productive

April 6, 2015
Side Hustle

Most of us know the basic tenets of personal finance. We cut expenses that we hate, like car insurance, cable bills, cell phone bills, and the like. And then we earn more money on the side so that we can spend money without regrets on the things that bring us the most joy. You can […]

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Self-Employment Tips for European Startup Success

March 30, 2015
Startup Success

There are a number of ways to make ends meet, from lending your services as an employee to striking out on your own as a self-employed earner. Each scenario has its own set of advantages, so your best approach isn’t always crystal clear. If you do decide to go self-employed, however, there are rules you […]

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Sensitive Things to Consider Before Investing in Video Collaboration System

March 27, 2015
Video Conferencing

In the digital era of online communication, businesses large and small are turning to video conferencing as a means of communication, not just with customers but within the company itself. But investing in any new system or installation can be a huge headache, and video conferencing in particular has a reputation for being a minefield […]

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Business with Big Dreams and a Small Budget

March 16, 2015
Business With Big Dreams and a small budget

One of the most difficult parts of being an entrepreneur is the never-ending need for cash. You have your idea locked in place, a solid team put together and the sky seems to be the limit – if only you had the means to pay for it all. You may chose to bootstrap your business, […]

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How to Handle a Medical Malpractice Case

February 6, 2015
medical malpractice

Whether it’s for a routine illness, or for an injury at work, at some point everyone has to go to a doctor or hospital. If everything goes well, you’ll get the treatment you need and be on your way to recovery. If things don’t go well, you could end up with complications or side-effects from […]

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Five Business New Year’s Resolution Ideas

January 21, 2015
Business New Year’s Resolution Ideas

With the arrival of the new year, there is no better time to reflect on progress and plan for the ongoing development of your business. Just as we make resolutions for the new year on a personal level, it is helpful to create and work towards the fulfillment of new year’s resolutions for your business. […]

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