Make a Plan for your Tax Refund

March 24, 2014
Tax Refund

It is getting to that time of year.  Where many of us will sit down and plug our way through TurboTax or another do it yourself tax preparation software.  By the end most of us will want to pull out our hair, but that refund will often make it all worthwhile.  While it may seem […]

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4 Ways to Protect Your Identity When Filing Taxes

March 18, 2014
Protect your identity - Taxes

The Bureau of Justice Statistics reports that 7 percent of people over 16 reported identity theft in 2012, with most stolen information used for opening accounts. One of the dangers of having your social security number stolen when filing taxes is the IRS seeing that number used for tax filing already. You can’t get a […]

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Married? When You Should File Taxes Separately and Jointly

March 5, 2014
Married Filing Jointly

Most married couples file their taxes jointly as a matter of course. But there are some instances when filing separately is actually the better choice for a married couple. Just in time for tax season, here’s what you need to know to determine when filing jointly and separately makes the most sense: The Perks of […]

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Filing Taxes for “Tax-Exempt” Non-Profits

February 27, 2014
Tax Documents

You’ve filed for the federal tax exemption, and your nonprofit organization has been approved. At this point, you can put the IRS paperwork aside and focus on your volunteer organization, or can you? Being tax exempt is not as straightforward as it sounds, as most nonprofits still have to pay some taxes. Here is a […]

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Educational Mill Levies Are an Investment in Everyone’s Future

May 3, 2013
Educational levies

There are very few people that actually enjoy paying taxes.  So it is no wonder that when mill levies come up, there is a very vocal group saying they are not needed.  However, many of these levies are necessary for the greater good of everyone.  For instance, without taxes we would not have police or […]

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The Growing Problem of Tax Refund Fraud

March 29, 2013
Tax fraud

Since 2008 there has been a 650% increase in tax related identity theft cases.  Imagine going through the painstaking process of making sure you are counting up all your income, maximizing your deductions, double checking for errors only to get a response from the IRS stating that your claim has been denied because your taxes […]

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The Who’s Who of Tax Forms

March 1, 2013
1040 form

It’s tax filing season again—that time of year when we all go tearing through our homes trying to find the right forms, the right receipts and the right documents that will prove how much money we earned, spent and for how much of it we are responsible and accountable. The forms are the worst because it always […]

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