Inflation: Effects on Retirement Income and Ways to Tackle It

December 9, 2014
Retirement Inflation

During retirement, the only thing that helps you survive is your retirement funds. However, suddenly finding out that the money that you have accumulated till now is worth much less than what it used to be can easily turn the sanest person mad. This is the impact that inflation has on your savings. Many people […]

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The Do’s and Don’ts of a Juvenile Roth IRA

December 1, 2014
juvenile roth ira

Saving money is important, we all know that without an emergency fund we could be ruined financially and that putting aside for retirement is a necessity. We also understand that the earlier we start saving, the less we have to set aside and the more we will have when it comes time to retire. But […]

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Most Working Households Don’t Meet Retirement Savings Requirements

October 31, 2014

It’s no secret: Americans are not good at saving money. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about emergency funds, retirement accounts, or even just keeping a piggy bank on the dresser; the majority of Americans have grossly underfunded their accounts. The reasons why vary from they just don’t know better to they don’t make […]

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Understanding Multi Employer 401k Plans

February 18, 2014
multi-employer 401k

Small businesses are currently prohibited from pooling their purchasing power without a common set of employees. There is however legislation in the 113th congress that considers allowing small businesses to pool their purchasing power and transfer fiduciary responsibility to an independent fiduciary which would allow small businesses to offer all the 401k benefits that medium and large sized businesses offer to […]

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How To Generate Passive Income So You Can Quit Working

June 5, 2013
passive income

Most of the readers on One Smart Dollar are looking for ways to earn passive income on their quest to financial independence.  In fact, the main goal of those who are financially savvy is to one day be in a place where they no longer have to work.  There are many different ways to earn […]

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Five Considerations Before Investing in Your 401k

May 27, 2013
Target Date Funds

The 401k is one of the best retirement savings vehicles available.  Not only are your investments tax deferred, but most of the time there is an employer match.  Nearly everyone has access to a 401k, but many people do not take advantage of them.  This is often because they do not know what to do […]

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Consequences of Taking Money From Your 401k

March 19, 2013

As we begin our working careers, retirement seems like a distant concept; and rightly so, for many it is 30 to 40 years away.  Because it is so far away, many people starting out do not even bother to enroll in the 401k available through work.  Those who do enroll will fall into two basic […]

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