Why Buy Life Insurance?

October 28, 2013
Life Insurance

As we plan for the future, we know that life is full of uncertainties, and it is necessary to have backup plans and insurance coverage in case things don’t go as expected. Life insurance is an essential part of financial planning which can provide for families in the event of the death of a family […]

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Health Insurance Costs Outpace Income Growth

October 19, 2013
Health Insurance Costs

Health insurance has made the headlines more times than anyone cares to count.  Lately, with the recent rollout of the insurance exchange, it is making headlines even more.  People realize that insurance is becoming more expensive as the years go by, but what many do not realize is that the cost of health insurance is […]

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Why Stay-at-Home Spouses Need Life Insurance

May 9, 2013
Stay at Home Spouse life insurance

When one parent decides to stay home with the children, families will often have to do quite a bit of belt-tightening in order to make the transition to one income. One place where it may seem smart to economize is on life insurance for the stay-at-home spouse. After all, without an income to replace, why […]

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Have You Made Sure Your Paycheck is Insured?

April 4, 2013

Every day thousands of us take out insurance policies on things such as our cars, house or even that expensive baseball card collection. But, what about the paycheck we depend on to pay our bills? What would we do if an accident were to happen and that paycheck were to stop coming each month? A […]

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Don’t Be a Victim of These Popular Insurance Scams

March 28, 2013
Insurance Scams

As much as we would like to believe that we live in a fair and honest world, with fair and honest people, who would never dream to deceiving consumers, it just isn’t the case. Believe it, or not, deliberate deceptions can be found left and right, and the realm of insurance is no exception. You […]

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Always Expect The Unexpected

March 7, 2013

When I was 26 years old I thought I was untouchable and that bad things couldn’t happen to me. In fact, that’s the mentality of most in that age group. Having just returned from my honeymoon, I never thought that I would be facing tragedy in my life. Unfortunately, that was far from the truth. […]

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Is Disability Insurance Right for You?

January 14, 2013
handicap sign

Before they turn 65, 30% of people currently in their 20’s will become disabled.  Those odds show that the chances of becoming disabled are actually pretty high.  It is a wonder that disability insurance is not more widely accepted.  But unfortunately, many people skip out and getting covered.  Most of the time they feel that […]

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