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Turn Your Closet Into Cash – Selling Used Clothes Online and In Stores

April 11, 2014
Used Clothes Online

Have you ever found a $5 bill in an old jacket? Isn’t that the best feeling? Now imagine if that old jacket turned into a $20 bill. Most of us probably have closets bursting at the seams with clothes, most of which we don’t wear often, if, at all. Threadflip, a clothing resale website, conducted […]

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How to Avoid Paying too Much for Your Next Car and Insurance

April 9, 2014
Ford Escape

It’s normal to feel a sense of impending doom when you find out that you have to buy a car. It happens to all of us. The process of buying a car has been talked about and lamented over and even vilified for years. Eventually, though, I had to get over it. Why? I was […]

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5 Tips to Save Money on High End Electronics Purchases

March 17, 2014
Save Money Home Entertainment

If you’re someone who really likes to buy your electronics at the top end of the technology scale, you’re probably used to paying high-end prices too. The one thing does tend to follow the other. However, if like most people, you would like to save a little while still getting state-of-the-art electronic equipment, nobody could […]

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Actual Costs of Eating Healthy vs. Eating Junk

February 19, 2014
Costs of Eating Healthy

We all know that we SHOULD eat healthy.  But the most common argument is that it is just too expensive.  Instead, many people head to McDonald’s or some other fast food place, and they eat some of the worst “foods” on the planet (nutritionally speaking, I’m not saying that fries are not one of the […]

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How Money Brings Happiness

January 14, 2014
Money Brings Happiness

I was recently reading a poll by Gallup that talked about how many people were worried about their jobs.  It made me realize that I have never actually been worried that I would be laid off.  I understand that it could happen, and I understand what the effects would be if it did happen.  However, […]

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Comparison: Used Car vs. New Car

January 7, 2014
New Car Vs Used Car

“Should I buy used or new?” That’s one of the most common and most important questions car buyers often ask themselves as they look for their next vehicle. But while it’s hard to pass up that wonderful feeling of owning a brand-new car (along with that new-car smell), you can get a bigger bang for […]

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Party in Style – New Year’s Eve Decorations, Food and Games

December 30, 2013
New Years Party Hats

Ever since I was a kid I have always loved New Year’s Eve. Maybe it’s because it gives me the opportunity to spend time with friends and family while I eat appetizers, drink champaign and celebrate what the new year has in store for all of us. For some, the thought of hosting a New […]

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