Credit Cards

Do Credit Card Rewards Really Payoff?

February 22, 2017
Credit card rewards

The allure of “free” money is hard to ignore, and the credit card industry has done a stellar job of enticing the masses with the potential to pocket extra cash. Nearly 70% of all Americans have at least one credit card in their wallet at any given time, and card issuers estimate 10 million new […]

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Barclaycard Ring MasterCard Review

January 27, 2017
Barclaycard Ring Mastercard Review

Barclaycard Ring Mastercard® Review The Barclaycard Ring card is a fairly unique credit card. It is a low fee card, that gives cardholders a platform where they can voice their thoughts and request new features they would like to see added to the card. This is something that you won’t find on any other card […]

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Making the Most of Your Balance Transfer

November 30, 2015
Making the Most of Your Balance Transfer

Transferring your balance of debt from one credit card to another can offer some benefits. Most obviously, you can enjoy a lower interest rate. That is the reason most people move their balance around. They feel they are paying too much for their interest on their current card, and they want to see if they […]

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Choosing the Right EMV (Chip) Card for Your Lifestyle

April 1, 2015
EMV Credit Card

This coming October, American retailers will be required to accept EMV (chip) credit cards at their retail registers, or face increased fraud liability. On the credit card issuer side, this means that issuers are rushing to upgrade millions of credit cards to have an EMV chip. Chances are, if your card expired in the past […]

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Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Credit Cards: For Business or Leisure

March 3, 2014
Southwest Airlines Credit card

Southwest Airlines offers four Visa rewards cards ranging from a premiere program to a business program. Each card offers unique services, discounts and mileage points. Choosing the appropriate card for your needs involves assessing the purpose of your travel, how often you fly and the specific desired benefits and amenities of each card. For example, […]

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The Frontier Airlines World MasterCard Review – Up to 50,000 Miles

January 6, 2014
Frontier Airlines Award Chart

Over the past couple of years, I have become a serious travel hacker. I love finding new ways to rack up thousands of airlines miles and hotel points by spending very little money. By doing this, it allows my family to be able to travel all across the world at almost no cost. Frontier Airlines […]

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What You Need to Know About Retail Credit Cards

December 11, 2013
Retail Credit Card

The holidays are here and that means you’ll soon be hearing this question over and over: Would you like to open a store credit card and save 10 percent on your purchases? This year, you might hear it more than ever. According to Equifax‘s recent National Consumer Credit Trends Report, the number of issued retail credit cards is […]

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