Credit Cards

Charge Card vs Credit Card: What’s the Difference?

September 11, 2017
Credit card vs charge card

Although they sound similar, a charge card is actually very different than a credit card. Both of them are great tools for building and improving your credit. However, they’re different in the way that you are expected to pay off the purchases you make. Knowing the differences and advantages between the two will help you […]

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How to Make Chase Blueprint Work for You

July 5, 2017
Chase Blueprint

Credit cards have gotten a bad reputation. The truth is that when used responsibly, your credit cards can be a really useful financial tool. If you’re a newer credit card user or have a history of abusing your credit card, Chase has a solution. Chase customers have access to a set of features through the […]

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How Credit Card Companies Make Money

May 15, 2017
How credit card companies make money

During the Great Recession, there was a big backlash against banks, lenders, and credit card companies.  The people felt they had been taken advantage of (there is some truth to that), and they wanted reform.  While it didn’t come as a sweeping reform that purged the industry of the crooked dealers, there was some good […]

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Do Credit Card Rewards Really Payoff?

February 22, 2017
Credit card rewards

The allure of “free” money is hard to ignore, and the credit card industry has done a stellar job of enticing the masses with the potential to pocket extra cash. Nearly 70% of all Americans have at least one credit card in their wallet at any given time, and card issuers estimate 10 million new […]

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Barclaycard Ring MasterCard Review

January 27, 2017
Barclaycard Ring Mastercard Review

Barclaycard Ring Mastercard® Review The Barclaycard Ring card is a fairly unique credit card. It is a low fee card, that gives cardholders a platform where they can voice their thoughts and request new features they would like to see added to the card. This is something that you won’t find on any other card […]

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Making the Most of Your Balance Transfer

November 30, 2015
Making the Most of Your Balance Transfer

Transferring your balance of debt from one credit card to another can offer some benefits. Most obviously, you can enjoy a lower interest rate. That is the reason most people move their balance around. They feel they are paying too much for their interest on their current card, and they want to see if they […]

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Choosing the Right EMV (Chip) Card for Your Lifestyle

April 1, 2015
EMV Credit Card

This coming October, American retailers will be required to accept EMV (chip) credit cards at their retail registers, or face increased fraud liability. On the credit card issuer side, this means that issuers are rushing to upgrade millions of credit cards to have an EMV chip. Chances are, if your card expired in the past […]

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