Gender Inequality in the Workplace – 50 Years Later

February 11, 2014
Gender Inequality in the Workplace

Right around 50 years ago, wage disparity became illegal.  As society moves forward in seeing that everyone is equal, and that equal jobs should get equal pay, we should think that now, half a century later, we have come to that.  The sad fact is that there is still a gender inequality in the workplace.  […]

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How to Become the Best of the Best at Your Company

January 17, 2014

Everyone wants to become a desired asset to their company.  It means they have succeeded and are well respected.  However, what often ends up happening is that most people just become a cog in the wheel.  They are disposable, and they are just going through the motions as a corporate employee.  Year after year they […]

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How to Rise to the Top of Your Game

October 4, 2013
Warren Buffett

The name Warren Buffet is known by many.  As one of the world’s richest men, dinner conversations revolve around how he has been in the news.  But aside from being incredibly wealthy, he is a smart individual who has issued pearls of wisdom to those who are willing to listen.  Because throughout the years he […]

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When Has Your Hobby Become a Small Business?

September 27, 2013
Small Business

You’ve been writing poetry for years and decide it’s time to share your passion with the world. With a small investment, you are able to create an attractive and unusual book and publish it on the Internet. To your surprise, the book starts selling, and you are regularly making a modest amount of royalties every […]

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Do You Feel Like You Live at Work?

August 28, 2013
Live at Work

If you work in corporate America then there is a pretty good chance you might feel like you live at work. Working long hours to make a good impression has always been a common occurrence in the workplace. Over the past several years it has started to get out of control. Last week, I read […]

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Competing for a Job Against a Friend

August 23, 2013
Job Interview

One of the problems that comes along when you’re trying to find a job right out of college or when you’re competing for just a few jobs in an area is that you may wind up competing against your own friends. In some cases, the potential employer may be aware of the conflict. In fact, […]

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Overcoming Obstacles: I Have No Money

August 21, 2013
side hustle

This series is to help you find a side hustle that will allow you to live life to the fullest.  Too many people complain about not having money, and when coached on earning money on the side they throw up excuses.  Many people are just too comfortable in their routine to start a side hustle, […]

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