Announcing Colette Lillian Bryant

by Sean Bryant on November 8, 2012

On November 5 my wife and I were very pleased to welcome our first child Colette Lillian Bryant into this world. Colette is a happy, healthy baby weighing in at 7 pounds 14 ounces.  The first couple of days have been a big change for both my wife and I , but we are loving every minute of it.

Over the next week I have a bunch of great articles scheduled on One Smart Dollar.  For those of you who I do social media and weekly round-up exchanges with those will return very soon.

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Sean Bryant

Sean Bryant created in 2011 to help pass along his knowledge of finance and economics to others. After graduating from the University of Iowa with a degree in economics he worked as a construction superintendent before jumping into the world of finance. Sean has worked on the trade desk for a commodities brokerage firm, he was a project manager for an investment research company and was a CDO analyst at a big bank. That being said he brings a good understanding of the finance field to the One Smart Dollar community. When not working Sean and he wife are avid world travelers. He enjoys spending time with his daughter Colette and dog Charlie.
  • John S @ Frugal Rules

    Congrats Sean! Great name and glad all is well. I bet you’re feeling the change, but it’s worth every second of it!

    • Sean @ One Smart Dollar

      Thanks John. I can’t wait for all of the adventures ahead of me.

  • ptmoney

    Cute! Looks like Mom. Congrats, Sean!

  • Shannon_ReadyForZero

    Congratulations! I can’t wait to hear about all your new adventures in parenthood!

    • Sean @ One Smart Dollar

      I am sure I will have plenty of stories to tell :-)

  • Sean @ One Smart Dollar

    Thanks a lot PT

  • moneybulldog

    Congrats Sean, you’ll have your hands full for a while now then!

  • Kathleen O’Malley Celmins

    CONGRATULATIONS! Not that you need my approval, but I love her name!

  • Pauline

    Congratulations Sean! She is really cute! I hope it is not too hard on both of you and you can get a little sleep. Looking forward to hearing more about your adventures as a dad.

  • Lance@MoneyLife&More

    Congrats Sean! That is awesome. Good luck adjusting!

  • http://Www.Plantingourpennies.Com/ Mrs PoP @ PlantingOurPennies

    Aww, congrats!

  • Pelican on Money

    Sean, congratulations! Best wishes to your entire family!

  • Mo’ Money Mo’ Houses

    Congratulations! She’s beautiful!

  • Liquid_Independence

    She’s adorable, congrats. A beautiful baby with a fittingly beautiful name. :0)

  • DC @ Young Adult Money

    Congrats Sean! Beautiful!

  • Jason @ WorkSaveLive

    Congrats Sean! Happy for you two (three now)! :)

  • Joe Cassandra

    Congrats Sean, you produced a beaut!

  • Cait Flanders

    Congratulations Sean + Wife! She is so beautiful… and she’s going to grow fast, so soak up that new baby smell and every little movement that she makes. So happy for you both!

  • LaTisha Styles

    That’s amazing! Congrats!

  • Glen @ Monster Piggy Bank

    Congratulations, that’s so exciting, she looks gorgeous! My wife and I are expecting our first in January so you will be able to tell me all the things to watch out for.

    • Sean @ One Smart Dollar

      Biggest advice I can give after one week is sleep when your baby sleeps :-)

      • Glen @ Monster Piggy Bank

        I reckon after a few weeks of being awake at all hours of the night and day, you will be hard pressed not being asleep when the baby is sleeping.

  • Student Debt Survivor

    What a beautiful baby. I love her flower headband. Congratulations

  • Fred @ One Project Closer

    Congratulations!!! She is beautiful!

    • Sean @ One Smart Dollar

      Thanks Fred.

  • Sean @ One Smart Dollar

    Thanks a lot.

  • JennaL

    I am a bit late with this but: aw, congratulations, Papa! She looks so dashing in her headband. Hopefully you and baby girl are tucked away somewhere blissfully sleeping. How is your sleep deprivation thus far? tee-hee

    • Sean @ One Smart Dollar

      Thanks a lot.

      It could be a lot worse. I help change the diapers and swaddle but I sleep when my wife is feeding. Not much I can do to help out with that :-)

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